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A Beautiful Day

Wow…what a day!  It was 74 degrees when I arrived at my shoot this morning at 9am, and by 4pm, my car thermometer said 86!




















I visited the Leigh family this morning, who expanded thier team by one a few weeks ago when Beau arrived.  He has such  mature face that is full of expression…even smiles!





















While trying to capture these sweet Beau photos, big brother Huck took a face dive into my camera leaving a pretty nice imprint on his cheek.  This is definitly my worst casulty to date…

















He bounced back just fine…what a guy!




Then I went out and bought a little point and shoot I can carry in my purse, and got this shot of Graham (my youngest):


















And if you’re wondering, he took a football in the face at church on Sunday…that is where his scab came from.  Maybe I should have titled this one “boys and thier boo-boos”.

Happy Spring…

Tales of a 4th Grade Heartbreak

I spent 10 hours today finishing the yearbook for the boy’s school…thank GOD that is over.  It was fun for the most part, and if I hadn’t put so much off til the last minute, I’m sure my need for a drink wouldn’t be so intense. 

When the kids got home, Trent said his day stunk.  Come to find out his girlfriend ‘dumped him’.  We talked about it, and I reminded him how earleir in the year, he had another girlfriend, and he was the dumper.  I told him now he knew what it felt like to be on the other side, and maybe he would remember this the next time he had to ‘dump’ someone.  So he went upstairs and came back down a few minutes later and asked to use the phone.  He said (are you ready for this?) that he hadn’t been very kind to her the past few days, and he thought he should call and apologize.  I was stunned!  And that is exactly what he did.  And after a lengthy conversation, she took him back! Life is good again…

And here is my boy realizing what a smart mama he has…

Saturday I’m in Love

I had the privilege of shooting Alison & Chris’ wedding yesterday.  I have known Alison for most of her life, and it is hard to believe that she is all grown up and someone’s wife!  She looked absolutely radiant, and Chris was looking super-sharp (not to mention super-lucky).  The weather was dreary by most standards, but that didn’t seem to dampen anyones spirits.  Alison & Chris didn’t stop smiling all day…I know thier cheeks had to hurt by the end of the reception.  Here are a few of my favorites from the day:
























This is Alison pre-ceremony…isn’t she gorgeous?



























The happy couple under cover…























One of my favorite moments of the day was during the father/daughter dance.  Alison’s dad, Will, handed her over to her brother to finish out the song.  I’m glad my camera is auto-focus, because I could have never focused thru my tears.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house…

 Chris & Alison are both lucky to be surrounded by loving, God-centered families…they certainly have great examples of what marriage can be.  Thank you both for allowing me to be part of your big day…it was definitley an honor. 

Hello world! Look at me blogging!

I have been wanting to do this for so long…I can’t believe it’s finally happening.  I’m just hoping there are enough blog-geeks like me out there who will actually read this! 

I have had a pretty quiet week, as far as work goes.  No new shoots, but I can show you a few pics from the past couple weeks. 













This is Zach…it was our first time working together…he did a great job!
















Meet Mikaela…she may have been the most cooperative newborn I’ve ever done.  Not a tear, a squeak, anything.  Just sweetness…















These sweet feet belong to Brian, Jr.  He was a hungry little guy, but in between all the eating, we managed to get some pretty cute stuff of him and his big sister, Kylie.


























 And this last one is of Nicole & Mike who’s reception I photograped a couple weeks ago.  They were so much fun and easy to work with.  This is them on her dad’s Harley.







Thanks for checking out my blog.  Keep checking back! 

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