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Tales of a 4th Grade Heartbreak

I spent 10 hours today finishing the yearbook for the boy’s school…thank GOD that is over.  It was fun for the most part, and if I hadn’t put so much off til the last minute, I’m sure my need for a drink wouldn’t be so intense. 

When the kids got home, Trent said his day stunk.  Come to find out his girlfriend ‘dumped him’.  We talked about it, and I reminded him how earleir in the year, he had another girlfriend, and he was the dumper.  I told him now he knew what it felt like to be on the other side, and maybe he would remember this the next time he had to ‘dump’ someone.  So he went upstairs and came back down a few minutes later and asked to use the phone.  He said (are you ready for this?) that he hadn’t been very kind to her the past few days, and he thought he should call and apologize.  I was stunned!  And that is exactly what he did.  And after a lengthy conversation, she took him back! Life is good again…

And here is my boy realizing what a smart mama he has…

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