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Sutton Sweeties

I had an early morning date with Rachael & Sophia today.  These girlies are so pretty…and they put on quite a show for my camera!  Here they are together:
























And here is Rachael waiting patiently for her sister to stop eating (which took a while…) 


















And this isn’t my absolute fave of Sophia, but I love the bubble (and the sweet expression)…




I’ve put off buying flower baskets and planting anything with the crazy up and down temperatures, but when I saw these baskets at Costco today, I couldn’t resist.  I may start planting the rest of the yard this weekend.  I can’t wait for everything to look pretty again!  

Joe & Denise

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing Joe & Denise’s wedding. I’ve known Denise’s sister, Karen, since my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) days, and it was great working with their family.  We had an unusually big block of time for photos between the ceremony and reception, which we took full adantage of.  Here are a couple of my faves:



































Thanks for including me in your big day!

Green Belt Test

Trent tested for his green belt in Tae Kwon Do this afternoon.  He nailed his forms, but stumbled a little on his Korean vocabulary.  He held his own in sparring and broke the board on his first try:



















Now we only have to wait a week to hear if he passes…

Lebo Kids

I spent the day with three of my favorite people yesterday…Jake, Aaron & Allie.  We went to Patapsco Valley State Park in search of a waterfall (which after walking for miles we never found) and getting some great photos.  We succeeded in the latter…






































































These kids had no fear of any cave, tunnel, rock, anything!  When I laid down on the ground next to an animal carcass, Jake just looked at me casually and said, “Uhh…don’t freak out, but…”  Otherwise, it was a ton of fun!

Reese & Brooke

I made a couple of new friends today…meet Reese and Brooke.  Reese was happy to show me her new pink room, her toys & books, and her playground.  Brooke was happy to eat, and eat, and eat some more.  They were too cute, and here are a couple shots of them:





























Stayin’ Alive

Yesterday we were able to enjoy the beautiful weather sitting outside on West Street drinking Coronas at Ram’s Head Tavern.  Our friends, Kent & Kik, joined us for the BeeGee’s tribute band “Stayin’ Alive’ and it was a blast!  Barry, Robin & Maurice and the band were super!  Not only did they sound like them, but they were pretty close look-a-likes, too!














We got a chance to meet the group afterwards, and Rusty grabbed this (out of focus – his specialty) shot of Kik & I with the band:


















Then we headed to Main Street for some sushi at Nano (our favorite Annapolitan resturant). 

Rusty & Kent:



















Me & Kik:



















The weather was still so great we were able to sit outside and people-watch while we ate sushi.  What a fun day!  Here I am with one of the owners, Miss Ling, who we’ve known for years from Kawaski.





Ann-Marie & Adam

Round one at Down’s Park this morning was so much fun!  Ann-Marie & Adam were up for anything (and I think I pushed it a couple times), but we got some really great stuff.  And could the weather have been any better?!  What a great day to shoot!  

















































Blue was a good color choice with that blue sky!  Stay tuned for round two at Down’s Park…

Melissa & Chip

Melissa & Chip are getting married in July.  Here are a couple of my faves from round two at Down’s Park today:





















































I’m liking this sunburst thing….is my Jessica Claire addiction showing?  I wish…

Saabrina! Get it??!

Thats her name…Saabrina!  I thought it was terribly clever…Rusty wasn’t so sure.  So we took her out for our first family ride this afternoon.  Here are the boys in the backseat:


















And she started overheating on the way home, so Rusty tries to give his new girl some love:















Feel free to write in with better name suggestions.  Good luck…

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