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On the Down-Lowe

I got to shoot the Lowe girls today…trying to get a shot for Daddy for Fathers Day, so shhhhh!  Jen even let me take a couple headshots of her for her site (and her blog is up…you may see more of these shots there!).  We had so much fun in the stream and climbing on the rocks…all in pretty blue dresses and new sandals! 

Mommy & the girls….























Alayna getting brave on her own…
























Jen’s girls are used to a camera being shoved in thier face all the time (like my kids) so sometimes it can be hard to catch a true smile. But I think I grabbed some good giggles from them both.  Here is Analisa:
















And Alayna:


















And then I gave Mommy the boot and managed to get two giggling at once:






















Always a blast hanging out with you guys.  Even when its 100 degrees!  😉

My Headshots

Last Friday, Jessica Curtis (at Christie’s in Glen Burnie) cut my hair, and Jodie Hawk (yes, the infamous Lancome genius from Neiman Marcus) did my make-up.  I met up with Jen Lowe for a quick photo session in hopes of getting a new head-shot for my website, and here are the results.  (These photos prove it takes a village…thanks, everyone!)


































Waiting for Lily

I was able to catch up with Andi & Mike Chamberlain yesterday morning (at 8am…gasp choke) before they headed home to New York.  I shot their wedding last August, and here they are having their first baby!  (Not exactly a honeymoon baby, but pretty close!)  Andi is a loyal blog-stalker of mine (thank you!!) and knew she wanted to have belly photos done.  So, in an effort to cram a month’s worth of activities into one weekend, we got these yesterday:

I can’t decide if Andi was more beautiful as a bride or a mommy…























Mommy & Daddy together:























And have you seen anything cuter than these pint-sized Crocs??! 




















Best wishes for a smooth delivery!  Can’t wait to get my camera on Lily!

Check out my website for more information and photos!


We enjoyed yet another concert at Ram’s Head Annapolis today.  We saw the Beatle’s tribute band, 1964, and they were super!  What a fun time…listening to 90 minutes of all those songs you know by heart played by a band that could be the Beatles if you closed your eyes. They will be featured on CBS’ Morning Show on Monday, June 4th at 8:50am…check them out!

They invited us to call someone and share the music with them while they sang “In My Life”, but everyone we know is out of town, so I took a little video with my camera instead. (Remember…I am a photogapher, not a videographer.  Please excuse the shaky hand…) 


Ann-Marie & Adam’s Wedding

I must say…what a FANTASTIC day we had yesterday!  Ann-Marie was gorgeous with her long, dark hair, and Adam was was hot (figuratively and literally) in his tux.  And they were every bit as fun and adventurous yesterday as they were the day of their engagement shoot!  Here are a few peeks into their wedding day:

My beautiful, laughing bride:























Can you believe she went down the zip line in her dress??!  She was so much fun!
























Here is the handsome groom:
























Their flower girl, Piper, was playing peek-a-boo games with me during the ceremony:



















One of Annie’s bridesmaids couldn’t make the wedding due to being pregnant & bedridden, so they sat a phone on the table behind the pastor during the ceremony so she could hear, and then sent her photos afterwards…



















Here they are…husband & wife:



















Thank you SO much for choosing me to share in your big day. You guys were awesome!!  Can’t wait to “Trash the Dress”!

Check out my website for more information and photos!

Double Trouble

Sorry this is a day late…had some internet problems last night…

I spent the morning with Austin & Mackenzie yesterday.  They belong to Cassie, my dear friend and second shooter when I do weddings.  The twins are growing so quickly and are talking so well!  We went to McDonalds for indigestion, I mean lunch 😉 and they were so fun to watch.  Here are a few of my favorite shots…still trying to get to 10,000, but not even close…






































































A Not-So-Sick Day

Trent came home from school early yesterday with a fever and sore throat.  He slept the whole day away on the couch, and by the time we put him to bed last night, his lips were a shade of red Lancome couldn’t have done better.  So we agreed I would take him to the doctor this morning, so we didn’t even wake him up for school.  Well, by 10am, he was back to himself…no fever, no nothing.  So we decided to make the most of the beautiful day, and headed to Main Street Ellicott City for a photo shoot.  Here are some of Trent: 





































































We had spotted this dog across the street from where we were (and we spotted him from over a car, to give you an idea of just how tall he was…) and then we turned around and he was right behind us.  He was larger than life!  His name is Gunter (be sure to say the ‘u’ like ‘oo’) and he was about the biggest bundle of sweetness (and drool) that I’ve ever seen.  His owner was kind enough to let us take some photos with him: 
























Here they are paw to paw:




















Mr. Gunter alone…(note the drool 😉 )




















Then, on the other side of the dog spectrum, we ran into this little guy down the block:





















Then we stopped into “All Time Toys” and Trent went into sensory overload.  He has been watching old Star Treks on TVLand in the morning before school, so naturally he went right for Mr. Spock:



















He did get a talking Archer to take home and a few goodies for Graham, too…




















I wanted to get a nice shot by this bridge, but someone was a little grossed out by all the spiderwebs…



















He took complete credit for G’s gifts…























Then we decided to head to the library, and I got some good shots of Graham.  The black & white is my fave:








































And then he pulled my favorite childhood book, but once he heard that, he put it right back…












One of the seminars I went to in Chicago said it was important to take photos constantly…at least 10,000 images a week.  Not quite that many, but thanks for looking…  🙂

More photos and info on my website

The Rumor Mill

We won a gift certificate at our church’s silent auction last weekend for a new resturant in Ellicott City called the Rumor Mill.  Its tucked back in the corner of Tiber Alley right off of Main Street.  They have only been open for three weeks, so the inside is clean, and very nicely decorated.  Once we were seated, I told our waitress that we had won them in an auction.  After hearing that, the owner came up almost immediately and introduced himself and thanked us for bidding on him.  (His name is Matt, and he’s a redhead…you know how I feel about redheads… 😉 ) The menu boasts fusion food, and the martini & specialty drink list was lengthy and mouth-watering.  I had a great mojito (only Babalu’s are better) and everything we ordered was yummy.  If you are a sushi lover (or even liker, as there are plenty of non-sushi things) and also like the different curry flavors, you have got to try it.  Many things are served tapas-style, so you could even sit at the downstairs bar and have a great drink and snack if you aren’t terribly hungry.  Our waitress was very attentive (as was the rest of the staff) and the food seemed to come in a flash.  We were very impressed!  So go check them out.  And walking Main Street is always fun, too.  I spotted about a thousand places to take great photos, so I’m hoping to go back soon with my good camera in hand.  Here are a couple shots of the resturant (I don’t think I know how to spell that word):









































Stop by and tell Matt Rusty & Heather sent you!  😉

The Bacon Brothers

We went to Ram’s Head in Annapolis tonight to see the Bacon Brother’s Band.  They totally ROCKED!  There were like 12 guitars, 3 different drums, keyboards, an accordian, and a cello at their disposal.  It was almost as fun to watch as a Violent Femmes show!  Here they are during the encore singing “Go My Way”:




















And then check out this guy with his nasty bare feet up on the stage, only inches from the band.  Maybe the Bacon Brothers should visit this guy’s office and put their feet on up his desk and see how he likes it.  He has to be an Annapolitan doctor…who else wears loafers without socks?  Or could be so full of himself to find nothing wrong with this?  Get over yourself!!






















Anyway, it was a great show, and I am totally buying their CD tomorrow and bumping one of my Smithereens CDs out of its spot in my car…

The Ol’ Pen-Up-the-Nose Trick

While in the car trying to capture the cool sky,  I handed the camera to Trent to have him grab some shots from his window.  This was what he got:



















If Graham doesn’t grow up and make a million as a comedian, I don’t know who will…

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