On the Down-Lowe

I got to shoot the Lowe girls today…trying to get a shot for Daddy for Fathers Day, so shhhhh!  Jen even let me take a couple headshots of her for her site (and her blog is up…you may see more of these shots there!).  We had so much fun in the stream and climbing on the rocks…all in pretty blue dresses and new sandals! 

Mommy & the girls….























Alayna getting brave on her own…
























Jen’s girls are used to a camera being shoved in thier face all the time (like my kids) so sometimes it can be hard to catch a true smile. But I think I grabbed some good giggles from them both.  Here is Analisa:
















And Alayna:


















And then I gave Mommy the boot and managed to get two giggling at once:






















Always a blast hanging out with you guys.  Even when its 100 degrees!  😉

1 Response to “On the Down-Lowe”

  1. 1 jen May 31, 2007 at 11:03 pm

    my gosh – these are so cute! you did such a nice job and the girls just LOVED playing in that freakish blue water – ick! I LOVE what you did with #4 – what action did you use? am i going to have to break down and spend money to buy those dang totally rad actions??? whatever you did to that one really rocks! and the one of the girls together – TOTALLY SWEET! daddy will LOVE that one! thanks for sweating it out for us!
    p.s. if you think it was hot today wait until your wedding in July and August! LOL….thank goodness for the air conditioning in the car!

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