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Blue Belt?

Well, Trent tested tonight for his blue belt.  His forms were strong and crisp, and his Korean vocabulary was right on.  He broke the board on his first try…way to go, pal!!


Samantha Leigh

How could I not have a soft spot for a girl who shares my middle name?  Sam was very sleepy today, but she was kind enough to show me her eyes before I went home. 

Here is the whole fam (another mommy who looks great!) :



















And big brother Jacob is so comfy holding his new sister.  And all I had to do to get this smile is remind him of his favorite part of ‘Night at the Museum’…. “Give me gum gum dum dum!”




























Sweet Sam holding mom’s wedding ring:























And here is the quick shot I got of her with eyes open:




















It was so great to meet you guys…thanks for having me out!  And to Erin Cook for hooking us up!

Another Elli

I met my second Elli in as many weeks yesterday.  She is the brand new daughter of Daniel & Kristen (you saw Kristen’s belly photos last month)…the honeymoon baby!  We worked her pretty hard for her first shoot, but the results were totally worth it:























And here she is with her proud mom & dad (doesn’t Kristen look fab for just having a baby?!  She is a super-hero…I heard she was texting updates to her friends during labor…)






























Look at these long fingers:

























And we can’t leave out Sonny who is adjusting to not being the center of attention anymore:
























Thanks for having me out yesterday…I just love the tiny ones! 




Danielle & Andrew at Loyola

I met Danielle back in January, and I finally got to meet her Andrew today for their engagement shoot. Danielle says she was sold on me as her photographer when she read my story on my website on how I went to college to pursue a teaching career, and ended up changing my mind in my last year of school.  She is a teacher, and she says she completely identifed with that.  Actually, (and this may be the best ‘how we met’ story yet) Andrew was assigned to Danielle’s classroom for his college observation class, and she pretty much talked him out of becoming a teacher.  How great is that?!  Now he is working for McDaniel College (where they will marry in the fall) and loving every minute of it. 

Anywho…it was super hot today, but they look cool as cucumbers in the photos.  And there were no snakes today (see yesteday’s entry if you missed it…) so that is always a plus.

They are so great together…
























Loyola had tons of places to take photos.  I’m liking these gate shots…

























Nice architechture…























And Andrew’s dad is a Loyola alum (along with everyone else he knows, it seems), so we got this shot with ‘class of 1960’ in it in honor of his dad. 
























I can’t wait to shoot the wedding in November!  You guys are so much fun…

Marissa & Pete’s Engagement

The clouds cooperated today at Down’s Park for Marissa & Pete’s engagement pics.  It was a little stuffy, but they hung in there with me, and we got some good stuff. 

We found this cool stone bench back in the woods.  I think this is my fave of the day:


























The clouds provided the perfect light this afternoon:


























So sweet together:



























And then some fun:



























And when this guy appeared on the beach, it was hard to concentrate, so we called it day shortly after:






















Holy cow…is he huge or WHAT?!

Thanks guys…can’t wait til September!


Our Friends, the Girtons

This weekend, Rusty and I were able to get away to Charlotte, NC to visit our friends, Graham & Dawn.  We always have a ton of fun with them…they open their beautiful home to us (it is better than any bed & breakfast I’ve ever been to…complete with mini-shampoos and even candy on the pillows) and spoil us rotten all weekend long.  This weekend, they asked if I would bring my camera to get some photos of them and thier most-awesome dog, Lynch.  Of course I was more than happy to oblige, and here are the results:

 The whole fam:



























My settings were way off on this one, but I still like the way it turned out.  Great smiles:






























Grabbed this one outside of a bar called Cans (not what you may be thinking…all the beer is in cans).  🙂  


























These next two were outside of a building in downtown Charlotte.  LOVE these…






















































We went to a resturaunt called Soiree on Friday night (excellent, excellent food if you’re ever in the area…) and we got this one outside there:

























Again, thanks so much for spoiling us and treating us like royalty.  Can’t wait to return the favor next week!  😉


Rhodes to Happiness

Am I’m getting too corny with the titles??  😉

Today I had the pleasure of meeting the Rhodes family.  These people have done more in the past four months than I have in the past four years!  Got married, built a new house, and had a new baby!  I’m exhausted just thinking about it!  But they are so laid back and completely happy…all the changes seem to suit them well. 

Mommy & Daddy admiring little Sydney:

























How about a girl who cracks up laughing every time you wipe her mouth with a wet cloth?  LOVE it!






























This one is Mommy’s favorite:


























Sydney’s ‘inspi[red]’ shirt isn’t showing here, but I love this shot…


























Sydney & Radiah (who looks stunning after giving birth a few short weeks ago)…





























And look at Sydney Showoff holding up her head:
























And we took a quick trip outside and grabbed this shot before Sydney said, “Enough.  Its nap time…”:


























What a beautiful family!  Thanks so much for choosing me to capture your first family photos, and thanks to Michael Clark for hooking us up! 

Liz & Jacob’s Engagement

When I woke up this morning, it was drizzling, overcast, and humid.  My first thought was, “This is not a good look for a photo shoot.”  But by 10am the clouds moved out, and by 2pm, the humidity went with it.  This most beautiful day came out of nowhere, and boy am I glad I had a shoot scheduled to take advantage of it! 

Liz & Jacob are getting married in August, and I had a ton of fun taking thier engagement photos today!  They were up for anything, and seemed totally at ease in front of the camera.  They live at the Fairview Marina in Pasadena (which is in mid-construction of a new wedding/banquet facility that looks like it is going to be stunning…make a mental note you brides-to-be…).  We walked around and found some cool spots for picture taking.  Here are some results:

Nowhere Jacob would rather have Liz than in his arms:































And this is the inside of that cool building in the backgound of the previous photo.  It was a little smelly inside, and who of us hasn’t seen a spook movie with a body floating by in a boat house?  But we got some great stuff inside, and not a dead body in sight!

























And look out, but my Jessica Claire sunburst shot made the cut again…I just love it!





























And meet Max.  He is a wirey haired dascund…I would’ve never guessed.  But he is just adorable…and doesn’t he look like the Max in ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’? 





















Can’t wait til the wedding, you guys!!  🙂

The Davis Family

Yesterday met the Davis family for the first time.  Nineteen month old Ashley had missed her usual nap, and was feeling a little sub-par. Once again, I’m a little partial to the red-heads, so I thought she did just fine… 😉

Here’s the fam splashing around (and how cute is that bikini?!) :




















And here is Ashley by the window:

























Thanks for having me, guys!

Mr & Mrs Mahar

Saturday was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple to get married, and that is just what Kim and Rick did!  They came to me about a year ago and hired me, so I have had lots of time to get to know them and know how in love they are.  And it all came together at thier lovely ceremony and reception this weekend.

Here they are right after the cermony:
























You can feel the love, can’t you?!  And so could Maya, thier sweet flower girl, who was overcome with emotion.  She said through her tears as she clung to her mom, “This is the happiest day of my life!”  She was so cute as she was laughing and crying at the same time.  Goes to show there is a bride deep down in every girl…even at three:






























Kim & Rick really cut a rug during their first dance.  They must have taken lessons, and they paid off!


































Kim is a huge Wizard of Oz fan (one more thing that endears her to me) and she donned a pair of ruby slippers for the removal of her garter:


























You guys were so much fun!  Thanks so much for choosing me to photograph your big day!  😉

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