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Laughing Santos’

Last Friday I had the pleasure of shooting the Santos family.  They were so much fun, and loved to laugh!  Here is the fam:























Here is big sister, Bella…what a sweetie:



















And baby Ellie who had lots of great smiles to show:





















Thanks so much for having me!  You guys were great!!



Rainy British Car Day

Well, we needed the rain…and boy, did we get it!  We headed up to Buckeystown this morning (just north of Frederick) for British Car Day at Lilypons.  The weather seemed to keep many cars at home in their dry garages.  Here is the empty field:

















You shouldn’t be able to see any grass (just to give you an idea of how empty it really was).

Then we walked around and looked at all the water-gardens, and they were so neat!  My kids discovered honeysuckle today (can you believe they have lived this long without knowing that trick?!).  Here is Trent who couldn’t get enough:





































He picked some in hopes of planting it in our yard and being able to do this any old time…





















These lillypads were growing in the pond by the honeysuckle.  I was watching the rain hit the huge leaves…it would bead up and bounce around and then settle in a puddle in the middle.  The water looked silver in the middle.  So cool…

































We went to Matsu in Linthicum for dinner tonight, and squid was the special.  And boy, did we eat squid.  It was so crazy I had to take pictures.  They took a whole squid, and cut the tentacles off and barbecued it.  (It was like eating octopus tentacles…kinda crunchy, but kinda chewy like a tire…no photos of this part).  Then they took the top and scooped out all the insides, stuffed it with spicy rice and sliced it like sushi.  This one was pretty good.  Not as chewy, and the sauce was tasty:




















And how is that for presentation?  That wasabi leaf and ginger rose are nice touches. 

Then (as if that wasn’t enough) Rusty had ‘baby taco’ or baby octopus.  This one speaks for itself (I didn’t have the guts to try this one).  Kent, this one is for you:













Yikes!  So many adventures in one rainy day…

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