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Little Miss Fergus

Nestled in the most quaint courtyard in Canton is the lovely home of the Fergus family, who invited me to photograph thier new daughter, Olivia, today.  I was rude enough to inturrupt her nap, but at the end of the session, we had some really great stuff, and Olivia was very happy to return to the sleepy state in which I found her.  She did very well for our first visit together.

Look at these big beautiful eyes!  She wasn’t missing a beat…























And who can resist sweet baby feet??

























This is the closest I got to a family shot… 😉

























It was a pleasure to meet you guys!  I hope I recognize Olivia when I come back in December! 😉  Don’t forget to enjoy every minute…because you’ll blink your eyes and you’ll be like me, wondering how more than a decade went by since this whole thing began.  Here is a shot Jen grabbed of my boys and I last week for Daddy:





















I mean, serioulsy…how did that happen??

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