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Cohenauer Cuties

I haven’t seen these guys since last summer, and boy have they grown!  Today was hot and super-sticky, but these blondies look cool as cucumbers…

Always warms my heart to see siblings that don’t hate to touch each other yet…





















I am not usually a big fan of selective color, but I loved this one of Sydney-Claire:



















Nothing like this genuine giggly face on Jackson:





















Then the trampoline show started!  First Sydney-Claire showed off her flips:























Then Jackson did some serious bouncing and his hair went nuts!























Once all the photo-taking was finished, I packed up to go, and both the kids planted kisses and hugs on me.  Nothing makes me feel better than kids who like have a good time with me and are sad to see me go.  Thanks so much for having me out…it was great to hang out with you guys!