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Happy Birthday, Macie!

Today I visited the Coleman family.  The youngest Coleman, Macie (named for her grandmother whom I also met today), celebrated her third birthday last Monday. Tommy & Macie are two blue-eyed cuties who are overflowing with energy.   Here is the birthday girl:
























And her big brother:


























And the pair goofing together:

























And we topped off the shoot with a ride on thier bikes…Macie’s was a birthday gift, so she was super-excited to show it off.  Look at that Ariel bike!




















It was great to see you guys again!  Happy Birthday, Macie!  🙂

My Girl’s Getting Married…

Fifteen years ago, I worked as a nanny for the Hawk family (Jodie is the wonderful make-up artist you’ve heard me mention before).  It was Jodie’s kids, Jonathan & Kimberly, who were my ‘practice kids’…I got to screw them up until God gave me my own kids some years down the road.  Kim & J were my first photo subjects…I have boxes of photos that I’ve taken of them over the years.  I started babysitting for the Hawk’s just before Kim was born, so I can say I’ve been around for pretty much everything.  And I can’t really remember my life before her, either.  She was there when I graduated from high school (like I was for her), and she was there when I got married (like I will be for her)…and she’s even babysat my kids…is that full circle or what?!

Well, Kim is 21 now…beautiful, smart (4.0 student at Towson), and now…engaged!  She & Jason have been together since high school, so I wasn’t completely surprised by the news.  But the reality of it made me feel OLD!  Jason is a film student at Towson…handsome, charming, funny…and best of all, he’s good to Kim.  Actually, he’s pretty terriffic.  But after I got off the phone with Kim last night, my mind was flooded with memories of when she was young and all of the things we did.  So what else could I do but dig all the photos out and reminisce?  Here are a few of the pics I found:







You see (starting from the left) one of our trips to Dewey Beach,  my graduation party, the night of my brother’s prom, Easter Sunday, hanging out at my house, and a trip to the zoo (her brother, J, sandwiched between us).







Now, the only unfair part is that I don’t have a photo of her from now.  Maybe that’s okay…I felt old enough yesterday…I don’t need to be reminded of that again. 

So congrats to Kim & Jason…I love you both and wish you both the best for a beautiful life together. 

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