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The Marshall Family

My second outing today was to visit the Marshall family.  They just welcomed Olivia to their family and wanted to get some photos as a four-some.  What a good looking group:




























And I don’t know what is with all of these moms who just had babies not looking like they did.  My youngest is 7 and I’m still trying to lose that weight!  🙂


Here is Miss Olivia in her dresser drawer.  Big brother, Andrew, wasn’t sure what to make of that:





















Daddy goofs with Andrew while I grab some shots of Olivia alone:




















What a good big brother!





























And here is Mommy with her girl:

























Thanks so much for having me out!  And thanks to Tracey (who I don’t even know if I’ve met) who passed my name along.  I owe you one!  🙂


Miss Avery

Cousin to Miss Eleanor from a couple weeks ago, I got to visit 3 week old Avery today.  She is such a little peanut, but her cry packs a punch! When she is hungry, there is no denying her.  We did manage to get some sweet stuff…

This one is a fave for me because it could be a picture of my oldest, Trent.  He was a thumbsucker, and his habit was to rub his ear with the hand he wasn’t sucking on.  He could turn his earlobe inside of itself so it would stick inside!  He can still do it if you ask him…


















Avery was also fascinated by her arms and hands.  It was clearly a new discovery…she kept raising them over her head and staring at them.  Isn’t it amazing to watch babies discovering new things?






















And here is a sweet smile…




















Thanks, Bridgette, for having me out today.  Especially on your first day alone with her!  You are one brave mama!  It was great getting to know you.  And thanks to Patti Bayly for the hook up!  🙂

Friday Night on Green Street

After my shoot on the Shore Friday, I took the kids to visit our friends the Lancasters.  Since they moved to Centreville, we don’t see them as much as we used to…I mean, did you know you need a passport to get there?  😉 

Kent & Kik had steamed some yummy crabs, so we hung out at Sean & Dawn’s drinking margaritas and picking crabs.    Sean was the mix-master, and Kent was doing some claw-magic on the crabs making me piles of meat.  I was completely spoiled all night…it was pretty great!  Thank you guys for eveything…I had a blast!

It started getting chilly, so the boys built a fire and we busted out the marshmallows.  What better way to round out a great day?  Here is a shot of Cam and his friend Zach roasting marshmallows:
























And here are Graham & Turner together…in costume…as usual:






















You see the big boys in the background zoning on the Xbox…fun for all!

Again, thanks to all who contributed to my spoilage.  And Kent even made pancakes & bacon for breakfast the next morning.  I think I may get myself a EZpass and do that more often…


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