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Out of Office…FINALLY!

Just a head’s up that we are headed out of town today.  Thanks to having a duel business-owning household, we can only get away for three days at a time, but when we do, it is overdue, well-deserved, and cherished.  Nothing like removing yourself from your everyday environment, turning off the cell phone (well, lets not get crazy…), and enjoying some family time.  So its off to Williamsburg for us!  You’ve got three days to gear up for boring family vacation photos!  😉 

Have a great weekend!  🙂

A Boy and his Dog

I grabbed this shot yesterday of Trent and Freddie.  Freddie will be 12 this year, and was here B.K. (before kids) so they don’t usually pay her too much mind.  But its moments like these that you know they love her, and she them.  She is a good dog…

Bowling with the Stepp’s

Summer has flown by, and we have not seen our friends, the Stepp’s, since it started.  So we were able to hook up yesterday and take the skinheads bowling (well, no skinheads, but…) at Greenway in Odenton.  They have completely remodeled that bowling alley…its AWESOME!  Very clean, all computerized, awesome arcade.  The snack bar was a bit pricey, but that was the only flaw I could find.  They have great incentives for the kids…a free game with every A on thier report card, and they can bowl one free game every day all summer.  Wished I had known about that month ago!  Anyway…I got this one shot of Maggie (and not even a good one) before the batteries in my camera died.  (One more complaint about my point and shoot…no battery life icon.  It only pops on red if its ready to die…)  And I call myself a professional…

























Oh, well…we’ll go again in a few weeks and I’ll bring my real camera and take so many pictures it’ll make your head swim… 🙂  Thanks, guys…we had a blast!

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