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Annapolitan Engagement

Finally!  I have been wanting to do an engagement shoot in downtown Annapolis and today was my lucky day!  Melanie & Brian are getting married in August, so we got to work together and get to know each other better this afternoon.  We started at the Paca House, which was beautiful.  Here is my favorite shot from there:




























Here is another:




























Then we made our way back to Main Street, and grabbed some great shots on the way.  Brian was a trooper in his long pants and long sleeved shirt and Melanie in her sexy heels.  But they look great in the photos…wouldn’t you say?!





























And here is another shot where we hijacked someone’s house…I also did a little experiment with a texture over this one.  (How do you like that?  Its new to me…I think its kind of cool…)





























So we finally made it to Main Street and stopped for a sushi snack at Nano (our favorite sushi place) and we got a couple last photos there…






























And this fun shot with Melanie’s ring…



















I had SO much fun…thank you guys for letting me drag you around the city!  Today was one of those days that I am reminded how blessed I am to have a job that allows me to meet all kinds of great people, work my own schedule, have all kinds of fun, go to new places, and constantly challenge myself to try new things and grow and improve my craft.  I am a lucky girl…

Smith X 5

I met the Smith family today (thanks to Lee and the Stephanies for the hook-up).  Tripp, Cooper, and Hayden make for no dull moments in that house…that is for sure!  But once everyone warmed up we had a good time and got some fun stuff…

Here is the fam:





















I wasn’t sure if we were going to get this shot, but we did…and got it GOOD!





























Hayden made us work for his smiles, and he seemed to want nothing more than a nap.  But mom managed to coax this smile before it was all said and done:























And once he fell asleep, we got this shot of the boys feet (note Cooper’s finger counting his toes to make sure they are all there…love it!):


















Thanks so much for having me out!  I hope Rattatoulie and the big bucket of popcorn you earned was the best!

Brooks has Arrived!

You remember Brady’s belly from last month (the hot mamma on the stairs and in the doorway)…well her sweet boy arrived last week, and I was able to get some photos of him before we headed out of town…

Now, keep in mind, he was 5 days old.  FIVE DAYS OLD!  Do you see that giggly smile on him?




























The smile is priceless, but I love the movement in Brady’s hair and the pride in Dad’s smile.  Great family shot.

And look how content he is getting attention from all sides:



















And I just love this shot of him & Daddy…




















Brooks is so strong…he seems so grown up already at 5 days.  What a special guy!  Thanks for having me!

Williamsburg Weekend

Who missed me while I was gone?  😉 

I can’t tell you how strange it was to not touch my laptop in three whole days.  It is good to be back! And a special thanks to all who sent sweet messages wondering why the %$#% I haven’t blogged in so long…I missed you, too!  🙂

So, the ride to Williamsburg took about 4.5 hours thanks to 95 traffic and two puking kids in the backseat.  The ride wasn’t an indication of things to come…we actually had a great time over the weekend.  We started at Busch Gardens Friday and did Colonial Williamsburg Saturday and Sunday.  Here is a collage of the buildings and such that I couldn’t resist photographing:

























The white house in the upper right hand corner is where we stayed.  It was so quaint…a bedroom and bath downstairs for us, and the same upstairs for the boys.  We were only a block off of the main street, so we were only a 5-10 minute walk from anywhere we wanted to go.

Here are the boys in our side yard:




























They were pretty into seeing how things were done 200 years ago.  Here they are watching the gunmaker build his fire:


























And the blacksmith had his fire burning when we arrived, and we were able to watch him work.  I commented about how there was no safety equiptment back then, and he assured me that his job (sticking his bare hands in a white hot fire and smacking the iron with a hammer) was no more dangerous that me cooking in my kitchen.  I don’t know about that…























But we saw all kinds of cool stuff, and it was mostly just great to get away and just have some time for the four of us without cars breaking down or photos to edit. 

But hold on, because I’m doing some major catching up today…

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