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Brooks’ Birthday!

I met the Macey family Friday at their beautiful Eastern Shore home right on the water. It was late afternoon light…my favorite!  Here is the birthday boy and his celebratory cupcake (well, what’s left of it…):
























Brooks and his big bro Cody strolling on the beach:





























And here is Mom & Dad goofing with Brooks:



















Thank you guys so much for having me, and for being so kind to let my kids come, and for being so hospitable to all of us.  You were a pleasure to work with!  Next time, I’m bringing my bathing suit and staying for the yummy-smelling dinner!  😉  And a quick shout-out to Cara Colon for the hook-up…thank you!!

A Few Fotos of the Few’s

This past Friday (I know,  I know…I’m behind) I went to visit the Few family.  Lauren & David are expecting thier second child, and called me to get some belly shots of them and their son, Grayson.  I shot David’s brother’s wedding last summer, so I was so glad they thought of me for thier photos, too!  Lauren wears pregnancy so well…she has one of those perfect basketball bellies which is a joy to shoot.  Now, 2 year old Grayson had other plans…30 minutes into the shoot, I was unsure if I was going to get even one photo the family would like.  But then, Daddy said something about a dancing bird, and Grayson started cracking up, and I started shooting like CRAZY!  I ended up shooting over 350 frames (lots of mistakes in there, but nonetheless) and we ended up with some really good stuff.

Here they are:
























And he wasn’t too interested in the belly, but I got a couple of him peeking at it:





























And here is Mommy and Daddy, who were pretty good at working the camera:





























I can’t wait to get my camera on that baby!  🙂

I Ain’t Missing You

It was another fun night at Ram’s Head Annapolis for us  last night (we should buy stock in them, really) for the John Waite show.  You remember the bad mullet when he was in Bad English singing “When I See You Smile” and of course the 80’s classic “I Ain’t Missing You”.  We Waited (excuse the pun) 🙂 around to get a photo, but he was whisked past the crowd out into the foyer where he stood behind a table signing CDs.  Not much of a photo-op guy, I guess.  Oh well…the show was good…it was pretty packed. 

Here is a clip from ‘Ain’t Missing You’ shot sideways because I’m a dork (if anyone knows how to fix this…enlighten me):

More and more Morses!

Yesterday I visited the Morse family.  Amy is one of those people who I’ll be forever grateful to for spreading the word about my photography.  I have quite a following in Catonsville & Ellicott City thanks to her, and hear that this blog is often a topic of conversation at playgroup.  So…Holla girls! 🙂

Amy’s kids are pretty used to me and my camera, so our shoots usually move pretty quick.  Mom knows what she wants, and we dive right in.  I think it took us less than 30 minutes yesterday…they are pros!  Here’s the whole gang:




















Trevor starts Kindergarten in the fall…hard to believe!  Look how grown up and handsome:





























And Miss Meredith as pretty as ever is mini-mommy to Nolan…too cute:




























And here is Nolan who is celebrating his first birthday and taking his first steps:
























And by Christmas, there will be a fourth Morse!  I think Scott and Amy just want to make sure I never run out of beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed kids to take pictures of.  Thanks for expanding my client base, yet again!  😉 

Happy Birthday, Macie!

Today I visited the Coleman family.  The youngest Coleman, Macie (named for her grandmother whom I also met today), celebrated her third birthday last Monday. Tommy & Macie are two blue-eyed cuties who are overflowing with energy.   Here is the birthday girl:
























And her big brother:


























And the pair goofing together:

























And we topped off the shoot with a ride on thier bikes…Macie’s was a birthday gift, so she was super-excited to show it off.  Look at that Ariel bike!




















It was great to see you guys again!  Happy Birthday, Macie!  🙂

My Girl’s Getting Married…

Fifteen years ago, I worked as a nanny for the Hawk family (Jodie is the wonderful make-up artist you’ve heard me mention before).  It was Jodie’s kids, Jonathan & Kimberly, who were my ‘practice kids’…I got to screw them up until God gave me my own kids some years down the road.  Kim & J were my first photo subjects…I have boxes of photos that I’ve taken of them over the years.  I started babysitting for the Hawk’s just before Kim was born, so I can say I’ve been around for pretty much everything.  And I can’t really remember my life before her, either.  She was there when I graduated from high school (like I was for her), and she was there when I got married (like I will be for her)…and she’s even babysat my kids…is that full circle or what?!

Well, Kim is 21 now…beautiful, smart (4.0 student at Towson), and now…engaged!  She & Jason have been together since high school, so I wasn’t completely surprised by the news.  But the reality of it made me feel OLD!  Jason is a film student at Towson…handsome, charming, funny…and best of all, he’s good to Kim.  Actually, he’s pretty terriffic.  But after I got off the phone with Kim last night, my mind was flooded with memories of when she was young and all of the things we did.  So what else could I do but dig all the photos out and reminisce?  Here are a few of the pics I found:







You see (starting from the left) one of our trips to Dewey Beach,  my graduation party, the night of my brother’s prom, Easter Sunday, hanging out at my house, and a trip to the zoo (her brother, J, sandwiched between us).







Now, the only unfair part is that I don’t have a photo of her from now.  Maybe that’s okay…I felt old enough yesterday…I don’t need to be reminded of that again. 

So congrats to Kim & Jason…I love you both and wish you both the best for a beautiful life together. 

Gin Blossoms at Ram’s Head

We went to see the Gin Blossoms at Ram’s Head Annapolis today.  The Scott Harris Project opened up for them…they were pretty darn good!  Dave Matthews-esque I’d say.  They gave out cards with a link for free music downloads…check that out here

Then the Gin Blossoms took the stage, and I had forgotten about half of the songs they do…(Allison Road, Until I Fall Away, Found Out About You, Follow You Down, Till I Hear it From You) they were awesome, and it was great to sing along with the crowd.  Besides, you’ve gotta love a band that has Animal from the Muppet Show hanging off the drum set (see below).  Here is a video clip of them doing “Hey, Jealousy”:



And here’s Kik & I taking turns with lead singer, Robin Wilson:


























What an awesome show!  Takes you back 15 years and makes you feel young again…  😉 

Mr & Mrs Boling

Yesterday was Chip & Melissa’s big day.  They have been planning for quite a while, and all the details were perfect.  Melissa’s dress, the flowers, the ballroom…it was all beautiful.  And the weather even cooperated!  Here is Melissa and the girls before the ceremony:
























Chip & the guys:





















The ceremony was at the beautiful chapel at Loyola College.  At the beginning of the ceremony, the sun was shining right thru that rose window…it was so pretty…
























The sun was setting as we left Loyola, and we got some beautiful shots on campus.  Their limo drive, Louis (whose company info I will post later) parked the limo so we could get this great shot…all on his own!  He was so considerate to the couple, but he was even looking out for me and trying to make my job easier.  He was awesome!





























Then it was on to the reception at Hillendale Country Club in Phoenix, which was lovely.  Beth is the event coorinator there, and she was FABULOUS!  Very rarely is an event coordinator as helpful and thorough as she was…she made the night run smooth as silk.  Here is a shot we grabbed before they went in to the reception…this may be my pick of the day…look at that sky!






























And here is one from the last dance…
























Thanks so much for choosing us!  Have a great honeymoon! 

The Third Herbert

Nine days ago, the Herbert family welcomed Sofia to their family.  Today, I got to photograph the little miss and her big brother and sister.

Here she is…gummy smile and all!





















And she has a little smile again in this shot of all three kids…






















Mommy & Sofia (and mommy looks fabulous 9 days post-birth!):
























And here is mommy with all of her babies:





















It was so great to meet you guys!  And thanks to Kristen Oxendine for giving Teresa the sitting as a gift!  (What a great idea!!) 🙂

The Reilly Gang

Well, the whole gang less Dad.  Unfortunatley, we couldn’t get everyone, but it was still fun!  I met the Reilly’s at Belair Bath & Tennis (the pool where I work each summer).  I’ve me so many great people there, I’m always happy to have the oppurtunity to work with them and get to know them a little better.  So I met Susan and the kids at the Belair Mansion in Bowie today, and grabbed a couple shots of her & her kids. 























If you can’t tell…mom is the one in the middle!  😉 

The mansion and today’s blue sky made a great background…


























But this is my fave of the kids…


























Thanks so much for meeting me today!  You guys were a piece of cake…

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