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Novacic Family

Yesterday, after years (yes, years) of talking about my doing a family photo for them, the Novacic’s actually let me do it!  They were our neighbors at our old house…our kids were close in age, and we miss them terribly.  I see Zlaya here and there, doing headshots for his real estate business and such.  But the kids (who I haven’t seen in forever) have grown like crazy, and Donna has one year left in medical school (talk about a mom who gets it all done…I’m in awe of her).  Here is their family:




























What good looking kids:





















And mom & dad still in love (they were cracking up for these…):





























Handsome Stefan (aka Drake):

























And lovely Sofia:























It was so great to see you guys, and so great to finally take your picture!  Thanks so much!  🙂

Too Cool for School

So the boys started back to school today after a way-too-quick summer.  Trent has Mrs. Lang for 5th grade, and Graham has Mrs. Kelly for 2nd grade.  (I am very, very excited about both teachers…they are great!) 

So here are the two quick photos I grabbed before the bus came:

One nice one for me:





























And one goofy one for them:



















I realized this morning that this will be the last time they ever go to school together.  Yikes…where has the last decade gone?  It is amazing to think about how different life was only 5 years ago…different house, different school (and only half-day then), I was hardly working at all, and Rusty had just started his business.  God has really blessed us these past 5 years.  Both of the kids have grown, as have both of our businesses.  Who knows where we’ll be in another 5 years…

I Wish…

I need a little help.  I am working on a new logo/branding and blog page, and I am looking for some quotes.  I want them to start with “I Wish..”  When you call me to come take photos of your family, what do you wish for? 

I say, “When I have my kids photos done, I wish to make this time, this age, this stage, last forever.”

What is you wish?  Post a reply and let me know…

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Today was my dad’s birthday, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite pics (and these are pictures of pictures, so please bear with me)…

This one will go down in history as “Crazy Things that Happen in the Fleury House when Mom is Late Coming Home from Work”…my dad as a centerpiece:





























This is he and my Nana.  First, I’d like to point out the disc camera he is holding.  That dates this back to the 80’s, right?  But back then I worked at CPI Photofinish, so I added the snappy “Mr & Mrs Universe” magazine cover captions to this one.  Quite fitting:























And this one may be my all time fave.  My brother, me, my annoyed mother (“can’t you guys ever be serious?!”), Daddy, and my grandpa. 




















Happy Birthday, Daddy!  I love you…

Melanie & Brian’s Big Day

It was HOT.  I mean H-O-T hot!  As my husband said, “Oppressive hot”.  But the wedding was beautiful.  The bride was beautiful, the groom was handsome, the bridal party was ready for fun…it was really great. 

I have been waiting for a sunny door or window to get a shot like this of the dress.  I can’t believe it finally happened!





























Here is my second favorite sihlouette shot of the day:




























They let butterflies go as they were leaving the church…it was so cool!  (Do you see the butterfly in her bouquet? A bunch of them landed there…they seemed drawn to it!)





















The parking lot of the chuch was all torn up…it was a pretty major construction zone.  We grabbed this great shot of the guys on a bobcat:























Now check out the blue sky in this one…





























Less than 30 minutes after this shot was taken, the sky turned black, there was a crazy lightning show, and it rained like Noah was coming.  It was crazy!

And how about this ring shot? 



















What a super day!  Everyone was so nice, and having such a great time!  The vendors were fab, too!  And my bud, Jason from Absolute Entertainment rocked that dance floor!  And the staff at Overhills was awesome (as always)…Brandy is one of my favorite people to work with.  Thank you all for making our job so easy!

A Dirty Day

My second visit to the Dashiell family today ended up in a bath.  We started inside, but ended up outside with a boy (and his parents) covered in dirt.

I love this family shot…Zach has a great smile, and he wasn’t letting those go for cheap today:





















After trying the wagon and the ball to coax some smiles, Mommy boke out the bubbles.  Still no smiles.  He was way to busy being fascinated:
























So they started throwing him in the air and running around the yard.  It made for good smiles, but tough picture taking (action shots are not my specialty).  But I love this shot of Jeff & Zach:




























This one is during a toss (obviously) and is completely out of focus, but I thought it was hilarious!  (Note the dirt on his hand!)  This is SOOC:
























And one quick snap from the bath that was badly needed after the exploring around the yard:




























Whoa…thats big.  Oh well…how cute is he?  Thanks so much for having me out!

I’ve Been Tagged!

And this is a BIG deal…well, to me it is!  I mean, as an admitted blog stalker, I have enjoyed reading the tag entries of some rock-star photographers (as far as I’m concerned) like The Bebb’s, Jennifer Nichols, Carla Ten Eyck, Kelly Moore…and I woke up yesterday morning to find that I had been tagged, too!  Anytime another photographer looks at your work and says, “Nice!” I feel flattered and fulfilled.  So thank to Michael Blanchard for tagging me! I found his site thru [B]ecker’s this week.  They met up together in Boston last weekend, and when Becker posted his site, I had to check it out.  I commented on his super work, and he ended up checking my blog, and apparrently liked what he saw.  So I wanted to think about my 8 things before I posted, so after 24 hours of thinking, here goes…

First, the rules… 

1. Post these rules before you give the facts.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. At the end of your post, choose (tag) someone and list their name (linking to their page.)
4. Leave them a comment on their blog letting them know they’ve been tagged!

Okay…here are my 8 things…

1. I love Jesus.  As I write that, I’m embarassed that that might be something most people don’t know.  I wonder if I live in a way that really portrays that.  I hope I do.  But I know I often don’t. 

2.  I have three boys…not just two.  I placed a son for adoption 14 years ago. 

3.  I can fold my tongue in half.  Not roll it…fold it.  Its a goofy party trick.

4.  I love to dress up and feel like a girly-girl.

5.  I wet the bed until I was in 5th Grade.  It’s my younger brother’s fault.  🙂

6.  I am very competitive.  Don’t ask me to play Pictionary or Scattegories or I Love the 80’s unless you’re serious. 

7.  When I was little, our backyard caught fire after the grill tipped over, and my dad stomped it out with his feet.  That sight scared me to death, and I have been afraid of fire ever since.  Even now, my husband has to light our grill.  It freaks me out.

8.  I hate eggs.  The smell of a fried egg is enough to make me vomit.

So, as if that wasn’t hard enough, now I have to tag eight other people who haven’t been tagged yet.  Here goes:

1.  Jennifer Lowe  A fabulous local photographer whom I’ve known since high school.  I think I can safely say that we have learned volumes from one another.  I called her yesterday after getting tagged, and told her to prepare to be tagged herself.  She should be good and ready. 

2.  Pam Long  Another local photog who is sweet as pie and great at what she does.

3.  Alison Bynum  I met Alison at Pictage’s PartnerCon in Chicago earlier this year.  She is in Tennessee, and her work is outstanding.  She also just adopted a sweet baby girl named Norah. 

4.  Anne Lord  Anne is an associate of Kelly Moore’s in Louisiana, and Kelly has tagged her, but I haven’t seen her respond. I think she is brilliant. 

5.  Laura Novak  I love looking at Laura’s blog.  She is in Deleware, and her photos are spectacular. 

6.  Mike Larson  I met Mike at his seminar during PartnerCon in Chicago, and he is awesome!  His photography is bold (he’s the guy that throws his camera in the air…check the blog for a sample…its amazing, and a little nutty) and fresh.  I can’t imagine he hasn’t been tagged yet, but its worth a try.

7. Pepper Nix  We met at PartnerCon as well.  Actually, we met at the airport leaving PartnerCon. Pam & I had lunch with she & Mitch…they are hilarious!  Not to mention like the best photographers in Utah.  And she’s been neglecting her blog a bit, so maybe this will light a fire…

8.  Paula Swift   A girl after my own heart…I love her portrait work! Massachusetts is lucky to have her!

 I hope I haven’t double-tagged anyone.  Thanks so much to all mentioned who inspire me daily! 

-H 🙂

Cara’a Crazy Crew

They weren’t really crazy, it just sounded good…

There were a bunch of them, though.  Sixteen to be exact.  But we knocked out the big group stuff pretty quickly, and getting some smiles out of Ethan (who recently celebrated his first birthday) was my biggest feat.  This was where he started:





























Not a big smile, but still sweet.  And I love the reflection.

Now here is the smile…Daddy showed up, and Ethan was SO excited to see him!























Here they are together (and what girl can resist seeing her boys together…I know I can’t…):



















And someone is in love with this Jeep.  Do you hear me?  Like, he should marry it, it makes him so happy.  The smile says it all:






















And I just love this one of him and his great-grandmom…priceless:


















And the icing on the cake was I got to see this beautiful sunset on the way home.  The weather has been so cloudy, we haven’t seen one of these all week:





















Sorry to all those in the group who didn’t make the blog.  You were all cute, too…  🙂


The Sladky’s

Ever meet someone new and think, if we had met in high school we would’ve been friends?  Thats how I felt today.  These guys were so nice and so much fun, and they have made an absoulutely beautiful baby girl who likes to laugh as much as they do.  Poor pup, Murphy, was a little under the weather today, but we got a great shot of the whole fam:
























Who loves Daddy??






















Just the three of us (honestly…are those the best smiles or WHAT?!) :






















And who is only 6 months old and has her pose already?





















You guys were great!  Thanks for having me…and thanks to Kristen Oxendine for the hook-up!  Holla, girl!  🙂

Three B’s

Blake, Braden & Brooke…I don’t know how many times I called someone the wrong name, but we had fun anyway!  The boys warmed up to me pretty quickly, and no one has laughed so hard at my ‘stinky feet’ saying in a while.  Miss Brooke slept thru the first part of the shoot, but that was just fine.  She came around and showed me her peepers a whole bunch before I left. 

Here is the threesome:
























And here is Mommy with her girl:






























And then here are those peepers I was telling you about:





























Definitley worth waiting for!  You guys were great!  Thanks for having me out! 


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