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Two Hot Tamales

Carrie & Larry (I know…how cute is that?) are getting married in late September, and we have been trying and trying to do an engagement shoot, but schedules haven’t permitted it until tonight.  And boy did I work them!  But these two hot tamales were hip to whatever I threw at them, and the results are super!  Remember the elusive waterfall I’ve been looking for since April?  Well, we managed to find it!  And with all the rain we haven’t gotten lately, the waterfall was more of a water trickle, but still made for some great shots.  I couldn’t pick a favorite…I want some feedback as to which one you like best:

Here is where we started…and I have to give kudos to Larry who came prepared with a change of clothes (what a guy…) and an open mind.  Love it!

























Fun, fun….





















Then they hiked up to the top of the waterfall and I got this one:





























Okay…I know I said I couldn’t pick a favorite, but I have to admit that I got a lump in my throat when I looked at this one.  Just so sweet, and I love the reflection… (And now its Carrie’s turn for the kudos…how many girls would change their clothes in the middle of a river and then get in the river in your new white dress?  You go, girl…)




























This one makes me make a purring sound, but you can’t hear it….




















Are these two hot or what??!!  I can not wait for the wedding!  You guys rock!

We’re Back, Baby!

Aaahhh….five days of sun and sand and all the other charms of Ocean City.  The boys and I travelled down to the beach to have a few days of fun and relaxation, and it was terriffic!  Our friends, the Lancasters, were able to be with us for the first couple days, and then we met the Dean’s on Wednesday.  And did I mention that it was H-O-T?!   But it was great!  I caught up on all my editing, and even finished the book I’ve been reading since December.  So not only relaxing, but productive! 

Here are the boys on the boardwalk Sunday night:

















Here is Trent wishing he was “Big”…


























Then with his haul of tickets:




















The boys on the boardwalk Monday night:





















And after the scopes guy took a bunch of cute pictures that ended up being out of focus or cutting someone’s head off, I took matters into my own hands and forced them into a quick shoot on the beach:

















My two:

















If you ask four boys to do something silly, this is what you might get:


















Turner & Graham waiting for the Catepillar ride to start:






















Trent, Graham & Bryce on the very hot, crowded beach on Wednesday (note the Cookie Monster hat Trent is wearing that he got from all the tickets he cashed in at Fun City…and a quick shout-out to Mr. Ryan for showing him the trick to the quarter-in-the-dump-truck game when we were in Florida…he said he has you to thank for being so good at it! Now, he didn’t win a game boy game this time, but whatever…):






















And here is my little boogie-boarder…Graham was in the water practically the whole time we were at the beach.  No fear!






















Thanks to all of our friends who made our week so much fun.  We had a really great time!

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