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The Sands Family

Its been 6 months since I have seen these guys, and I never fail to be amazed at how fast kids grow.  I guess you don’t always notice your own kids growing as quickly since they are under your nose everyday…I know I am often startled sometimes when I see them in photos by how grown up they are.  Well, when I saw Kylie & Brian, Jr. today, that is how I felt!  Brian was just a peanut last time I saw him, and he has grown into a sweet, smiley, almost-sitting-up boy.  Kylie wasn’t quite as happy to see me, but I’ve learned not to take it personally.  🙂

Here is the whole fam:




















Kylie definitley made us work for smiles today, but she pulled it out in the end after Mom-Mom bribed her with a shopping trip (she’s learning young!! 🙂 )…























And Mr. Gummy Smile himself…check out those peepers!



















Jacqui & Brian did a photo like this when Kylie was tiny, so we re-created one including Brian, Jr…




















Thanks for having me out, guys!  What a great family…

Liz & Jake’s Big Day

This past Saturday was the wedding celebration of Liz & Jake, and what a day it was!  First, we were 35 minutes late due to the INSANE traffic in the city (and seriously…I’ve never seen anything like it…it took us over an hour to get from the Convention Center on Pratt Street to President Street!  Nutty!!)  Sinc many guests were stuck in the same traffic, the ceremony got postponed for a half hour or so, but it was beautiful!  Liz was stunning in her lace gown, and Jake looked sharp all tan in his tux.  These two are a perfect example of why I shoot weddings…it is so refreshing to witness two young people so in love, and so complimentary to each other.  It makes me want to run home and kiss my hubby and remember how we were young and deliriously in love like that 13 years ago. 

This is them right after the ceremony:



















Can’t you feel the love?!  So we walked from the Marriott over to McCormick & Schmick’s, and took some photos on our way.  Here is the whole bridal party (who really knew how to have fun):




















On our walk, the streets were lined with people listening to the concert at Pier 5 Pavilion.  Everyone turned and applauded for Liz & Jake…it was a constant flow of applause and woo-hoo’s (and even a couple ‘Don’t Do It’s, but we tried to tune those out).  And Liz is pretty shy, and not too comfortable being the center of attention, but she started having fun wth it after a while:




















Cassie grabbed this beautiful shot outside, too.  I love it!
























I had them climb on a wall outside of the hotel and got this one (they were pretty willing to do anything!). Love Jake’s expression…he is such a goof!

























The Jewish ceremony was beautiful…so rich with symbolism, and touching vows.  At the reception, the Jewish tradition continued with the dancing of the Hora, which celebrates the couple as king and queen for the day. I’d love to know what Jake’s grandmother was yelling up to him:


















I was so priveledged to be part of your day.  You guys are so great individually, but seem even greater together.  May you have many, many, many more years of happiness ahead.  🙂


Vendor Notes:

-The staff at the Marriott were wonderful…the event coordinator did well under the pressure of the traffic problem and late-arriving guests.  Job well done…lovely place to host an event.

-The staff at McCormick & Schmick’s were great to us…I’ll be forever grateful.  It boasts a water-front, sunset view…a lovely setting for an intimate reception, and the food was yum-O!

-Don’t hire Davis Deejays.  Ever. 

Cait’s Baby Belly

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of doing some maternity photos for Cait and Brandon, whose baby girl is due October 1st.  Cait looked awesome, and Brandon was pretty open to all the goofy stuff I was making them do.  As we were talking, it turns out that Brandon is the drummer for the popular local band “No Pets for Noah”.  I had no idea I was working with a celebrity!  You can click the link and see where you can check them out.  Little did I know they played around the corner from me at the Cancun Cantina the night before! 

Anyhoo…we got some great stuff at Quiet Waters.  The heat and humidity was kind enough to back off for us, and it was a treat to be outside for a change.

Look at that sihlouette:




























It was a sun-shiny day…




























Love this one…






























And they bought her pair of pink Chuck’s…how cute are those?


















Thanks so much!  It was great getting to know you guys!  I can’t wait to meet the girlie!  (And apologies for not getting this up sooner…)

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