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Meet Miss Lillie

Remember Andi’s belly back in May?  Well…Lillie arrived 5 weeks ago, and travelled 900 miles this week just so I could take her picture! Well, that isn’t entirely true…but the 900 mile part is!  She is so sweet and chubby and has her mommy’s blue eyes.  Here they are together:





























Lillie is named for her great-grandma…here she is with her photo:
























Here she is showing off her sweet smile (did I mention the head of hair many adults would envy??)…






















And holding onto Mommy:



















Thank you so much for having me out today!  What an honor to have been there for your wedding, your pregnancy, and now your sweet girlie’s arrival.  I’m sorry I missed Daddy, but that gives us something to look forward to!  

Weird Al & Us

Last night, we took the kids to the Warner Theatre in DC to see Weird Al Yankovic.  How happy were my kids to have thier picture taken in front of the theatre?  But don’t worry, decked out in their Weird Al tees, they fit right in with the rest of the nerds:




























First, the theatre itself was beautiful.  Not at all where you would expect to see a show like this. (But a friend of ours saw Ozzy Ozbourne there years ago, and I have an even harder time imagining that!)  Beautiful curtains, chandliers…just lovely.  Here’s Graham and I:
























If you’re wondering where Daddy & Trent are, well, they were in the first row.  We were in row #5.  We couldn’t get four seats in a row, so we had to split up.  Am I bitter?  Nah… 

Here is Al during the first song “Polkarama”:




























“You’re Pitiful”…a refreshing take on that James Blunt (?) song “You’re Beautiful” that we’re all sick of hearing:




























He changed clothes and costumes between almost every song.  This is one of the most organized, orchestrated shows I’ve ever seen.  The work and planning that must go into this is really amazing.  Graham was most excited when all of these guys came out for “The Saga Begins” and “Yoda” (note where Trent is):

























“Amish Paradise” was great.  The slideshow that ran behind during all the songs and during costume changes was great. 


























Sorry these are out of focus.  My point & shoot sucks!  And it ran out of batteries as he came out in the fat suit and sang “I’m Fat” so I missed that.  But the show was fabulous and kid friendly (for the most part).  We had a great time!


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