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The Sladky’s

Ever meet someone new and think, if we had met in high school we would’ve been friends?  Thats how I felt today.  These guys were so nice and so much fun, and they have made an absoulutely beautiful baby girl who likes to laugh as much as they do.  Poor pup, Murphy, was a little under the weather today, but we got a great shot of the whole fam:
























Who loves Daddy??






















Just the three of us (honestly…are those the best smiles or WHAT?!) :






















And who is only 6 months old and has her pose already?





















You guys were great!  Thanks for having me…and thanks to Kristen Oxendine for the hook-up!  Holla, girl!  🙂

Three B’s

Blake, Braden & Brooke…I don’t know how many times I called someone the wrong name, but we had fun anyway!  The boys warmed up to me pretty quickly, and no one has laughed so hard at my ‘stinky feet’ saying in a while.  Miss Brooke slept thru the first part of the shoot, but that was just fine.  She came around and showed me her peepers a whole bunch before I left. 

Here is the threesome:
























And here is Mommy with her girl:






























And then here are those peepers I was telling you about:





























Definitley worth waiting for!  You guys were great!  Thanks for having me out! 


Brandi & her belly

This morning, after a month of emailing, I finally got to meet Brandi (and her two pups that were VERY happy to see me).  She has this petite round belly, and she only has three weeks left!  She is all baby and not much else.  Here are some of my faves:

Since their last name is Clifford, and Daddy is a dentist, this one seemed in order:





























I’m too sexy for this window, too sexy for this window…





























And here she is in the nursery (which was adorable!):
























No, the baby isn’t going straight into a queen-size bed…there was a crib, but she didn’t fit as nicely there.  🙂

Great to finally meet you!  I’ll be seeing you again in a few weeks to meet Mr.Man! 

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