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Cara’a Crazy Crew

They weren’t really crazy, it just sounded good…

There were a bunch of them, though.  Sixteen to be exact.  But we knocked out the big group stuff pretty quickly, and getting some smiles out of Ethan (who recently celebrated his first birthday) was my biggest feat.  This was where he started:





























Not a big smile, but still sweet.  And I love the reflection.

Now here is the smile…Daddy showed up, and Ethan was SO excited to see him!























Here they are together (and what girl can resist seeing her boys together…I know I can’t…):



















And someone is in love with this Jeep.  Do you hear me?  Like, he should marry it, it makes him so happy.  The smile says it all:






















And I just love this one of him and his great-grandmom…priceless:


















And the icing on the cake was I got to see this beautiful sunset on the way home.  The weather has been so cloudy, we haven’t seen one of these all week:





















Sorry to all those in the group who didn’t make the blog.  You were all cute, too…  🙂


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