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Too Cool for School

So the boys started back to school today after a way-too-quick summer.  Trent has Mrs. Lang for 5th grade, and Graham has Mrs. Kelly for 2nd grade.  (I am very, very excited about both teachers…they are great!) 

So here are the two quick photos I grabbed before the bus came:

One nice one for me:





























And one goofy one for them:



















I realized this morning that this will be the last time they ever go to school together.  Yikes…where has the last decade gone?  It is amazing to think about how different life was only 5 years ago…different house, different school (and only half-day then), I was hardly working at all, and Rusty had just started his business.  God has really blessed us these past 5 years.  Both of the kids have grown, as have both of our businesses.  Who knows where we’ll be in another 5 years…

I Wish…

I need a little help.  I am working on a new logo/branding and blog page, and I am looking for some quotes.  I want them to start with “I Wish..”  When you call me to come take photos of your family, what do you wish for? 

I say, “When I have my kids photos done, I wish to make this time, this age, this stage, last forever.”

What is you wish?  Post a reply and let me know…

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