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Doubly Blessed

This morning I finally got to meet the Mazzuca family (well, all but Dad).  Shelley gave birth to two sweet baby boys almost three weeks ago, but they came out way before their time.  As of today, the boys were weighing close to 6 pounds…they were only 4 or so when they came out.  Big sister, Haley, was so excited to have her picture taken with her brothers…she met me at the front door with a beatuifully colored page of Hello Kitty with a camera in her hand.  Artwork!  For me!  What a treat that was!  Here is the proud big sister and her baby bros:





























I wish I had put a dollar bill or something next to them so you could really see how teeny tiny they are.  🙂  They snuggled up to each other so naturally…it was sweet:




























Here is my simulated ‘in utero’ pose:























And one last one…couldn’t you just eat them up?




























And Haley and I had some time outside just the two of us, and I grabbed this one:




























It was so great to meet you guys and get to know you.  Can’t wait to watch your family grow! 🙂

And ‘holla’ to all the Catonsville playgroup girls who have waited so long to get a peek at the babies!  You better leave some comments for me!  🙂

Meet Mr. Grey Clifford

Tuesday afternoon I had the pleasure of being the first non-family houseguest of the newly-expanded Clifford family.  Grey was born last Wednesday, and I just love getting my camera on a brand new baby.  Here is the fam:




















I should mention how beautiful Brandi looked so soon after popping that little guy out.  I was totally impressed!  And her mom was there helping like only a mom can do (I personally remember crying when my mom left Sunday night after spending a week with me after I had Graham…how could she go back to work and leave me alone with those two freaks?!!).  Anyway, here are the three generations:




















Sweet tootsies:





























And Mr. Clifford with Mr. Clifford:

























And I call this one “I’M NOT LISTENING!  IM NOT LISTENING!”:































Thank you guys so much for having me out!  He is just sweet as pie! 🙂

Tracey & John’s Engagement

Tuesday morning I met with Tracey & John at the River Plantation on the Eastern Shore, which is the setting for their wedding next September.  There were so many places to take great photos there…it is just gorgeous!  Here is one of the first ones we took…are these two good looking or what?!

































The buildings are so old they were full of great details like this door:































We made our way down to the beach and take advantage of that great morning light:

































I’m a sucker for footprints in the sand:

































And this may be my favorite of the day.  It doesn’t show off their good looks as much as the first one, but I just love it:

































You guys were so much fun to work with…can’t wait to do it again!  🙂

Sue & Mike – Married in Deep Creek

I was introduced to Sue through my dear friend, Kim Baicar, a couple of years ago.  I’ve taken photos of Sue’s son, Kelson, and his dog the past two Christmases. They are great people, and this past weekend I had the priveledge of being there with my camera when Sue married her hunny, Mike.  Mike is every bit as fun and easy-going as Sue is…they are well-suited for one another.  Sue worked hard (despite obstacles too many to name here) to plan the perfect wedding, and I think she succeeded with flying colors.  It was a beautiful weekend in Deep Creek, and the Will O’the Wisp resort was a lovely setting for the wedding.  Here they are by the lake:





























Sue bought like 600 gerber daisies and they were EVERYWHERE!  They were the most beautiful autumn shades of red, orange, yellow, and pink.  Here are the tables:





















This is Mike and his group of friends better known as the “Bud Children”:


















Ring shot:
























And this one (during the first dance) I think is my favorite of the day of the two of them:




















Thank you guys so much for choosing me to capture your big day!  It was so kind of you to put Rusty & I up for the weekend…we had a great time!!  We can’t wait to go back with the kids…

Ella Enchanted

Last Thursday (I know, I know…I’m sorry this took so long) I met Miss Ella.  She was so alert, and her brown eyes were so big and looking all around.  What a sweetie:























Here she is safe in Mommy’s arms…























And she looks a little concerned here, but I love it…





















Thank you guys so much for having me out!  It was great to meet you!  And thanks to Erin Cook for the hook-up!  Hope Mikaela is doing well…I bet she’s growing like a weed!  🙂

Annie & Adam TTD

Three is a charm, right?  Well, this is my third Trash the Dress shoot, and this one was as much fun as the others.  First I want to apologize to the other shoots who are waiting to see themselves here…I promise I’ll pop you up tomorrow.  But I am just so excited about this one, I had to blog it.  There is something about these shoots that satisfy the artist in me (if you will).  And how have I gotten such beautiful people each time?  It blows my mind…

So here are Annie & Adam.  You may remember Annie going down the zipline in her dress the day of her wedding back in May.  If she was willing to do that on her wedding day, you can only imagine how open minded she was today.  She was climbing through the burnt remains of old houses in Ellicott City, up mountains, thru the river at Patapsco Valley State Park…you name it…she did it!  And wait til you see how fab she looked:















































































 Now look at how gorgeous!  And when a girl who is in front of my camera says to me “I feel so pretty!”, I know I must be doing something right…








































































































And this is just the beginning!  Thank you guys for a fun shoot and more excercise than I was prepared for.  🙂

Ethan On The Move

It has been since last Christmas since I saw Ethan, and of course he has grown like a weed!  He is on the brink of walking, and look out!  He wanted to be moving the whole time yesterday, so he will be unstoppable once he figures that whole thing out. 

Now, this first photo isn’t the best, but it is hilarious to me because it reminds me of one that was taken of me around the same age.  I was sitting on my grandparent’s front steps in my Raggedy Ann shirt after getting out of the pool.  There was a puddle of water a my feet, and in combiation with the look on my face (just like Ethan’s below), it looked like I had an accident.  I was in the garage trying to find the pic, but can’t seem to get my hands on it.  Oh, well…here is Ethan’s version:
























Then we did a few in his Raven’s jersey with the football.  He is all boy, and loves throwing that ball!























His attention span was pretty short, so he got sick of the ball and we moved to the backyard, and then after growing tired of that, we gave the swing a try.  VERY giggly in there for about two seconds, and we got this one:




















We were waiting for Daddy, who unfortuatley got hung up at work and missed the whole thing, and we tried to get some with Mommy.  This is my ABSOLUTE favorite of the day…this one will be on my website…I just love it!




















SO glad we got so many great smiles before dinner!  It was great to see you guys again! 🙂

Make Your Holiday Appointment!! NOW!!

If you are interested in a holiday photo session ($125 weekday/$155 Saturday – booked between now and December 1st), you need to contact me ASAP!  My weekdays are filling up, but my Saturdays are almost completely booked. Here is a list of my Saturday availablity…these appointments will be given on a first come first serve basis:

Saturday, November 10th : 3 openings

Saturday, November 17th : 2 openings (maybe 3 if you are near Sykesville) 

Saturday, Novemeber 24th : 6 openings

Saturday, December 1st : 5 openings 

I still have plenty of weekday openings…I can start as early as 8am or as late as 4pm (maybe earlier once the time changes).  Call me to book a time for your family!  410-863-0132

I Forgot About Suzanne Vega!

Too much going on this past week, I forgot to blog about the Suzanne Vega concert last Thursday. Then when I titled that last entry ‘My Name is Lucas’ it jogged my memory!  We saw her at Ram’s Head Annapolis with Kent and John (Kent’s neighbor & my new friend…who promises to never let another photographer take pictures of his family). Here are all the boys with our favorite waiter, Ferry, at Nano doing salmon roe & quail egg shooters before the show:



















John & I:



















And here is a shot of Suzanne…



















Good times, good times…

We head back this Wednesday to see Thomas Dolby…I hope to be blinded by science!  🙂

My Name is Lucas

Lucas is one sweet boy…not only is his middle name Graham (same as my youngest), but he is one chubby bubby!   I could have stayed all day and squeezed and pinched all those rolls!  He is a month old, and although that is a little older than I like doing newborn shots, you are almost guarunteed a smiley shot…and he delivered! Look at him:
























He did very well for his first sitting, and I just couldn’t get enough of his 10,000 chubby parts:



















Here he is holding onto Mommy:





















A family friend came to visit Lucas, and proud Grammy was showing off his extensive wardrobe, when I caught a glimpse of this an could NOT go home without seeing him in it.  I ask you…have you seen anything cuter than this?


























 I know he is going to come looking for me when his mom shows this to his girlfriend when he is 16 or so, but it will be worth it. 

Thank you guys so much for having me out!  You have a delightful boy there.  And many thanks to Amy Marshall for sending him my way!

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