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Good Golly Miss Molly!

Sorry…I couldn’t resist…

Jennifer called me what seems like months ago to book her newborn session with me.  It finally came on Friday, and I got to meet thier newest member…Molly.  All 10 pounds and 5 ounces of her!  (Her brother weighed 10/3 when he was born…Jennifer is a super-baby making machine!)  I popped in almost an hour early on them, but they rolled with me.  (Thanks again, for that…)

Here she is:




















I know, she looks like a three month old, but she was only 9 days!   Here she is with her big (literally and chronologically) brother Nathan (he is two) :




















Nathan was pretty willing to ham it up with me in the yard while we waited for the girls:




























And here is the fam:




















Thanks so much for having me out…it was great to finally meet you!   And thanks to Denise Patton for the hook-up!  🙂

Brandon & Jordan

Most of my subjects are very young and smaller than me.  I am so used to rolling around on the ground with little kids, I forget how fun the tweens can be!  Brandon just started his freshman year, and Jordan is ruling her school in 5th grade.  They are both very active and smart, and were beyond a pleasure to work with. 

It isn’t often that siblings still like each other at this stage or want to have their picture taken together, but these two are the exception to that rule:


























And how about that early morning sunlight coming in from behind?  Love it! 

Here is GQ Brandon:




























And lovely Jordan (again with the light!):





























And one silly one for good measure:






























What a quick and easy job with super results!  They even thanked me for coming…go figure!  🙂  Thank YOU guys! 

The Hartman’s

It was an early 8am start for me and the Hartman’s on Friday.  But their new little peanut, Parker, seemed up for the challenge.  Here is the newly-expanded group:




















Mommy said his hands were up by his face in utero, and he still likes to keep them there.  Here he is grabbing on mom’s fingers…notice they are going right in the mouth…I think he was working up an appetite:






















And I love this one in the basket (notice the hands again):

























Is he sweet or what?!  Thanks so much for having me out!  It was great to meet you guys!  And thanks to Kim Baicar for the hook-up! 


Black & not-so Tan

Meet the newest addition to the Robinson family, Guinness:




























Guinness was in the backyard chewing on a tree when I arrived.  He is full of love and energy, and Julia & Caroline seem to love having him around.  I’m sure Joan is just trying to keep me on my toes by throwing him into the mix…Julia was hugging all over me and smiling up a storm (which made my day), and then there is Guinness who was mostly interested in what he could get in his mouth:




















Here is my favorite shot of Julia on the swing…I love the tootsies:





















And Caroline wasn’t too interested in what I was trying to do, but she put on quite a show with a ton of silly faces.  But this one ended up being my favorite of her:

























And Joan is such an easy woman to please…I just love working with this family.  And she even booked her holiday sitting before I left on Thursday!  Way to go!  🙂

The Fisher’s

Last Thursday, I got to spend the morning with the Fisher family.  We met two years ago when their oldest daughter, Alexis, was in my Sunday (well, Wednesday night) school class at church.  Dad is headed to Iraq for almost a year, so they wanted to get some photos together before he heads out.  (I can’t imagine life in our house without Daddy…I don’t know how so many families live with moms and dads gone so long!)

Here is Daddy & his girls:




















Here is the whole group (I love the way Gabby & Julie are looking at eachother):




















The sun was so bright, it was tough for the girls to keep thier eyes open for this one, but I thought it was cute:





















And as mom & I were walking back to the car, I grabbed this shot of Dad & the girls crossing the stream:
























Love it…

So here’s to a quick year for the Fisher girls, and safe travel and God’s protection for Dad.  Your service is appreciated!   Great to see you again!  🙂

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