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I Forgot About Suzanne Vega!

Too much going on this past week, I forgot to blog about the Suzanne Vega concert last Thursday. Then when I titled that last entry ‘My Name is Lucas’ it jogged my memory!  We saw her at Ram’s Head Annapolis with Kent and John (Kent’s neighbor & my new friend…who promises to never let another photographer take pictures of his family). Here are all the boys with our favorite waiter, Ferry, at Nano doing salmon roe & quail egg shooters before the show:



















John & I:



















And here is a shot of Suzanne…



















Good times, good times…

We head back this Wednesday to see Thomas Dolby…I hope to be blinded by science!  🙂

My Name is Lucas

Lucas is one sweet boy…not only is his middle name Graham (same as my youngest), but he is one chubby bubby!   I could have stayed all day and squeezed and pinched all those rolls!  He is a month old, and although that is a little older than I like doing newborn shots, you are almost guarunteed a smiley shot…and he delivered! Look at him:
























He did very well for his first sitting, and I just couldn’t get enough of his 10,000 chubby parts:



















Here he is holding onto Mommy:





















A family friend came to visit Lucas, and proud Grammy was showing off his extensive wardrobe, when I caught a glimpse of this an could NOT go home without seeing him in it.  I ask you…have you seen anything cuter than this?


























 I know he is going to come looking for me when his mom shows this to his girlfriend when he is 16 or so, but it will be worth it. 

Thank you guys so much for having me out!  You have a delightful boy there.  And many thanks to Amy Marshall for sending him my way!

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