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Ethan On The Move

It has been since last Christmas since I saw Ethan, and of course he has grown like a weed!  He is on the brink of walking, and look out!  He wanted to be moving the whole time yesterday, so he will be unstoppable once he figures that whole thing out. 

Now, this first photo isn’t the best, but it is hilarious to me because it reminds me of one that was taken of me around the same age.  I was sitting on my grandparent’s front steps in my Raggedy Ann shirt after getting out of the pool.  There was a puddle of water a my feet, and in combiation with the look on my face (just like Ethan’s below), it looked like I had an accident.  I was in the garage trying to find the pic, but can’t seem to get my hands on it.  Oh, well…here is Ethan’s version:
























Then we did a few in his Raven’s jersey with the football.  He is all boy, and loves throwing that ball!























His attention span was pretty short, so he got sick of the ball and we moved to the backyard, and then after growing tired of that, we gave the swing a try.  VERY giggly in there for about two seconds, and we got this one:




















We were waiting for Daddy, who unfortuatley got hung up at work and missed the whole thing, and we tried to get some with Mommy.  This is my ABSOLUTE favorite of the day…this one will be on my website…I just love it!




















SO glad we got so many great smiles before dinner!  It was great to see you guys again! 🙂

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