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Marissa & Pete’s Wedding

Friday night I had the honor of shooting Marissa & Pete’s wedding.  Marissa works at my bank, so I have known her on a professional/banking level for quite some time, but it was great to meet her family and get to know her on a more personal level.  She & Pete chose Celebrations at the Bay to host their event.  Eileen was the event coordinator that night, and she was fabulous.  Everything ran smoothly, and we had a mouth-watering dinner.  Chris, from DJ Specialists, pumped the tunes all night, and made for a great party. 

Here is Marissa before-hand (is she gorgeous or what?!):



















And the most-handsome groom, Pete:






















 The flower-girl, Sarah, wasn’t too hip to having her photo taken, but I managed to steal this moment during the ceremony (I’m sure Mom & Dad are going to want an 8×10 of this…):




















The big kiss:
























 Look how in love they are…




















Thank you guys so much for choosing me to capture your big day.  I hope your honeymoon is PERFECT! 

Titgmeyer Fam

I have been doing photos for Mike & Tia for a few years now.  They are a super-fun couple, with two beautiful daughters, Margot and Emma, and two great pups, Gus & Toby.  Put ’em all together and it is a recipe for some fun photos!  We met at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis on Thursday and got these great shots:

The whole group:

























Daddy & girlies:




















Mommy & girlies:























I love, love, LOVE this shot of the girls making grass angels:




















And how about this sweet moment…




















Thank you guys for a fun (as usual) shoot!  Tia has also been pimping me to her friends over the years and has brought me some super clients…thanks so much for believing in me and my work! 

My New, Organized Space

Well, after five hours with my professional organizer, Tara (click here for her website…she is awesome!) my new space is shaping up quite nicely.  I have my new Pottery Barn desk that I’ve been dreaming about, and everything has a place, and all is in its place.  It is a beautiful thing…





















I’d also like you to take note of the beautifully framed prints above my desk. 


The shots are from my first TTD session with my dear friend, Dawn.  Don’t they look great?  Here is a close-up of the framed photos:























I have a huge selection of frames and mats, and there are a ton of different mat lay-outs if you would like a collage similar to the one above.  If you would be intersted in some custom frames for holiday gifts, give me a call and get your appointment on the book.  This will require about three weeks to turnaround.  I am very excited about this new service, and look forward to showcasing your photos!   

One Amy, Two Craigs & a Raven

This afternoon I had the easiest job of the week on the most beautiful day of the week!  I met Amy, her hubby, Craig, her brother, Craig (I know…what are the odds??), and their tiny dog, Raven.  No crying, no complaining (even from the guys!)…this was a cake walk.  And they were all pretty easy on the eyes, so how wrong could I go?

Here is the group:
























Siblings together:























A little romantic fun in the stream…Craig almost lost it in this one 🙂
























How much fun are they?

Then everyone threw on thier Ravens jerseys and they got a family shot:
























Seriously…thank you guys for such a fun, easy, fast shoot!  You were a treat!  🙂  And thanks to Tracy Huntsman for the referral!!  See you next week!

The Halsup Trio

Yesterday morning I met the Halsup’s at the park for some family photos.  Ethan showed me a lot of the top of his head, but we managed to get a few good smiles.  When you’re two, having pictures taken isn’t nearly as intersting as the ducks in the pond, or pine cones on the ground.  (Come to think of it…having my picture taken isn’t my favorite thing to do either…)  Here is the fam:


















The first time I worked with these guys, it was just Ethan and Mommy.  But Daddy was super at getting smiles, so I was glad to get some shots of the boys.  Who loves his Daddy?
























Here he is knee-deep in pine cones:





























More fun and games with Daddy:


















Thanks so much for yesterday!  And thanks for rescheduling…we did much better with yesteday’s sunshine!  🙂

Tam & Kevin’s TTD

Well, I got to trash my second dress today!  And this one was really trashed…super wet, super muddy…but the photos are super HOT!  Tammy is stunning to begin with (you know, one of those girls who is even nicer than she is pretty so you really can’t hate her), but her hot tamale hubby, Kevin, wanted in on the game, and things were smokin!

Look at these two after seven years of marriage:



















And they just found out that they are expecting thier first baby, so Tammy wanted to hurry up and do this before the dress wouldn’t lace up anymore… 🙂 
























Tam borrowed a hot pair of red shoes (thanks, Ang!) and they made for some fun shots:




























A big thank you to Mr. Joe who let us roam his property again.  Things have changed since we were there last, which brought the challenge up a little, but that is the kind of stuff that keeps me on my toes and makes this job fun!

Then we stopped at a fishing hole and got some more great shots.  The light just kept getting better and better…




























Tam was being so brave trudging thru overgrown fields and algae filled streams…it was totally worth it though!  Here is another of the two of them:




























And I know this is more than I usually post, but there were just too many to pick from!  So here is one last one of Tam when it was all said and done…note the feet:



Once we finished shooting, we were all parched and hungry, so we went home, cleaned up, I grabbed the fam and we met back up for a yummy sushi dinner.  We definitley don’t see these two enough, so it was fun to hang out.  The service at the restaurant was really slow, so we really got to spend some time together.  But it was great…lots of laughs! 

Thank you guys so much for a great shoot! Stuff like this reminds me how much I love, love, love my job!  

1st Round Knock-Out

Well, things at our house have been a little crazy lately.  My boys have been fighting like crazy and I just can’t figure out why.  It got so bad last week, I broke out my copy of Dr. Dobson’s “Bringing Up Boys” to see what I may have missed.  It pretty much says boys are just plain nuts, and I’m reading as fast as I can, but just not getting the the ‘fix it’ part fast enough.  Which was even more evident yesterday when both boys came screaming into the house and Graham had a face full of blood!  (Here is the dialogue going on in my head:  “Okay…just breathe…he is freaking out…you can’t freak out, too…how does one mouth pour out so much blood?….I want my mommy!”)  So after everyone’s minds and mouths stop racing, I see he has knocked his front tooth out.  It was slightly loose, but certainly not near ready to fall out.  Now, how did his tooth come out?  He bit his brother.  That’s right…bit him so hard that when Trent pulled his arm away, his tooth came out.  He is yelling that he wants Nana (my mother, who used to work in a dental office, so that qualifies her to handle every dental situation to come our way, right?) and I wanted to yell, “I want her, too!!”  But when Nana wasn’t available, G & I had to man-up and handle it ourselves.  And we did.  Thank God we never threw away those frozen teething rings from when they were babies…those sooth a multitude of wounds. 

So after dinner and a shower and trying to convince him he doesn’t look stupid and he still has to go to school tomorrow, I got a couple smiles and good shots of his new look:
















































Trent later took the blame for the whole thing.  Go figure.  But in the midst of the initial crying and screaming, I sent Trent outside to recover the tooth.  By the time he found it and brought it in, Graham’s crying had subsided a little, but as soon as he saw the tooth, he started crying again and said, “That one was pretty much my favorite tooth of all!”  So a little comic relief in the midst of panic. 

So I’m wondering if Dr. Dobson might come and spend a few days here and tell me where I’m going wrong..

Ol’ Blue Eyes

I met two of the bluest eyes yesterday on a four year old named Olivia.  It was our first time working together, but Olivia is a super direction follower, and she is full of smiles which she gives willingly.  And the icing on the cake is that she sports a mane of curly red hair!  (When my mother found out I was marrying a red-head, one of her first responses was, “Make me a red-headed granddaughter!”  Well, I made her two red-headed grandsons, so I was close.  But I’m certain that Olivia is exactly what she had in mind! :))  Look at this beauty:























I almost hate turning her photos into black and white with her beautiful features, but this one was asking for it:





















We took a trip outside and got some more great smiles (and I just love this little kimono-style dress she was wearing):





























After a quick change, she was ready for more!  As if her eyes weren’t blue enough already, this blue dress really lit them up! 






















I almost felt bad leaving so soon after arriving…Olivia was such an easy subject, we were finished in like 35 minutes!  But if every job with Olivia promises to be that simple with such great results, I think I’d like to go every week!  🙂  Thanks so much for having me!  And thanks to Joan & Amy for the referral!

Raeann & Alvin

Saturday brought the wedding celebration of Raeann and Alvin.  The weather could not have been more beautiful, and we had a bride to match.  Rae has been my sister-in-law’s best friend since God was a boy, so it was a priveledge for me to be part of thier big day.  Here she is with her daughter and Alvin’s daughter (who are equally gorgeous…two more reasons God didn’t give me girls):


















Alvin and his sons and Rae’s brother, Raymond (talk about sharp-dressed men):



















The ceremony was a uniting of these two as well as thier families…it was so nice.  Here is the big kiss (notice the bling?!):





























Here is the whole fam:




























And as if that weren’t reason enough to celebrate, it was Rae’s birthday, too!  So Alvin presented her with a beautiful diamond necklace to kick bling up to the next level:





























What a lucky girl!

I wish you both a lifetime of happiness!  Thanks for including me in your big day!  🙂

Good Golly Miss Molly!

Sorry…I couldn’t resist…

Jennifer called me what seems like months ago to book her newborn session with me.  It finally came on Friday, and I got to meet thier newest member…Molly.  All 10 pounds and 5 ounces of her!  (Her brother weighed 10/3 when he was born…Jennifer is a super-baby making machine!)  I popped in almost an hour early on them, but they rolled with me.  (Thanks again, for that…)

Here she is:




















I know, she looks like a three month old, but she was only 9 days!   Here she is with her big (literally and chronologically) brother Nathan (he is two) :




















Nathan was pretty willing to ham it up with me in the yard while we waited for the girls:




























And here is the fam:




















Thanks so much for having me out…it was great to finally meet you!   And thanks to Denise Patton for the hook-up!  🙂

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