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Sweet Sophie

On Friday, I visited the newly expanded Rafter family.  David is the brother of Melissa Oak, whose family I have been shooting for a few years.  I was so excited that David thought of me to take Sophia’s first photos.  Here is the beautiful family:





























Miss Sophie showing off a grin and being ravishing in red:






















And zonked out:























Thank you guys so much for having me out…you make beautiful babies! 

A Try with the Fisheye

I have been eyeing up two pieces of new equipment : a 16mm/2.8 fish-eye and a 70-200/2.8 zoom lens.  $3000 is a lot of money to spend on something you’ve never used or tried, so I rented them.  I just got them this morning, and here is a pic I got of Graham and his toothless grin using the fish-eye:





















I can’t wait to try it out at my wedding tonight! 

Tripp, Cooper & Hayden

Three great names…three great boys.  Tripp and Cooper were in goofy moods, and Hayden had better things to do.  But they all pulled it out in the end.  Here they are outside before the rain:




















Then they wanted to climb in mom’s bed, and we got this one:





















And Hayden was baptized two weeks ago, wearing the same gown as his brothers.  So here is our attempt at a photo that matches his brothers (I think we did pretty darn well…the pose is the best!):


























Thanks so much for having me out…it was great to see you guys again!  🙂

Sweet Baby Jake

Last year, on a very warm, beautiful November day, I shot the wedding of Lisa & Jared.  They were such good people, and so pleasant to work with, and the whole day was absolutely gorgeous.  Well, on Monday, I got to shoot the by-product of that marriage…Jacob!  These two have wasted no time in throwing their new life together into high gear.  And thier new little side-of-beef boy is just as sweet as can be…

Here is the fam (I got so excited when he started smiling that I cut Daddy’s head off a little, but look at that grin, eh?):



















In our house, Jacob would be considered a “fat head”, which is an extreme term of endearment.  (Trent came up with that when Graham was a baby because he had chubby cheeks and no hair.  It now applies to all cute babies everywhere.  I often have to explain it to defensive mothers when my kids point at their kid and yell, “Look at that fat head!”  🙂  Trust me…its a good thing…)




























I love the colors in this one:




















And then he fell asleep.  And I mean asleep!  There was no waking him up…even when we hung him upsidedown!  🙂

























Thanks to Lisa and Jared who travelled all the way from New York to let me take Jacob’s picture…what a compliment!  (I’m sure it was nice to see your families, too, right?) 



Kim & Jason’s Engagement

I met these two at the Museum of Industry (my new favorite place) last week for thier engagement shoot.  We had a great time and got some great shots!  And Kim hasn’t called me once to see what the heck was taking so long to have her photos posted…thanks, babe!  🙂  Here ya go:

My favorite from the whole day:
















































































































































 Just so you can see how pretty they are:
























Thanks so much, guys…I had a great time in Fells Point!  I mean, Federal Hill…

Next time, its drinks at Lime…that looked great!

Blame it on the Rain

Well, we need it, but it has kind of monkey-wrenched my schedule for today.  My first two shoots have resheduled, and we’re waiting to see what this afternoon has to hold.  But in the meantime, how about if I use this oppurtunity to catch up on the blog? 

I went to see the Cohenour’s last week to get a jump on Christmas.  Dad is headed back overseas (he just returned in August from a 6 month absence…if I remember correctly) and may or may not be home for the holidays.  So we got the photos now just to be sure.  This was the first time in two years I’ve met him (he’s always been away), so that was nice.  Here is the fam:























And Sydney-Claire wanted a photo of mom & dad kissing (how sweet is that?) so I gave her the camera.  Here is her shot:




















I love it.  Those kids miss thier Daddy.  And here are the kids hamming it up (as usual):




















This is the fourth family I know who function long term while thier dads are fighting in Iraq or other countries.  So thanks not only to the dads, but to the families who make sacrifices like this for our freedom.  Scott, it was great to finally meet you.  I wish you a safe, fast trip.

Our Weekend in Charlotte

Rusty & I had another fabulous weekend in Charlotte, NC visiting our friends, the Girton’s.  We both needed the getaway (I have been super-busy, and he has been super-not, we needed to step away from the businesses for a couple days).  Here we are:





















We did the Renaissance Festival on Saturday and had a great time.  Here are Dawn & I with the Tortuba Twins (nothing like three guys in velour leggings) :






















Here I am with the boys:



















It was a great time, as always!  Thanks to the Girton’s for their unparalleled hospitality…you guys are too good to us.  And thanks to all of my clients who have been waiting patiently for their edits while I was enjoying my weekend.  I most appreciate it!  🙂 

Ben & Nick…like butta!

This was my first time working with these two, and it could not have been an easier shoot!  I was stuck in some traffic on Rolling Road, and I was running a little late.  But they were waiting patiently on the porch when I arrived, ready to get down to business.  First, Ben was excited to show off that he lost his front tooth in school today!  Mom was hoping that he would have kept it until after the photos, but between you and me…I am glad I was there the day it fell out!  How cool is that?!  Look at these two:



















Here is Ben and his one-less-toothy smile:




















And Nick (who was my second Nicholas is a row today):




















And they were so easy and giggly, I had to reward them with the funny-face shot:


















Their mom, Jen, said when we were all finished that she couldn’t believe how easy that was, and how much better it was than going to the mall…I love it!  She said the other moms had told her I was ‘magic’ with kids…did you hear that?  Magic??!!  How flattering… But I really do have enjoy making friends with your kids.  Establishing relationships and friendships is such a bonus in this job…it makes my part easier, but I am also glad to know so many super people!  Thanks for all the kind words…and thanks to Jen for having me out yesterday!  🙂 

The Zappardino Clan

The Zappardino family was expanded by one just over a month ago, and yesterday I got to take some photos of the new group.  Izzy & Zach are so adorable, and were pretty willing to show me some smiles.  Here is the whole gang:






























All three kids:























Who can resist the tootsie shot?




















And here is Nicholas in the family’s 4 generation heirloom baptismal gown (apparrently he is the first to not cry in the photo):

























Thanks so much for having me!  Its been a while…glad to be back in the loop!  🙂

I Spent My Birthday With Another Man

It’s not as bad as it sounds…

I called Rusty first to assure him that he is the only man for me, but I was totally ditching him and the boys to attend my Pictage Users Group (PUG) monthly meeting.  I may have stayed home, but Mike Larson was going to be there as guest speaker!  I saw Mike back in May at PartnerCon in Chicago, and his seminar was so inspiring and motivating…and that doesn’t even touch how extraordinary his work is!  My neice, Tiffanie, is going to start doing some intern stuff with me, so I thought it would be great for her to hear what Mike has to say about this career.  She was almost as excited as I was, and I think she was really glad to go. 

The best part was when Pam Long called and said that she arranged a mentoring session for us before the meeting.  I almost wet my pants!  And then she said, “Then we’ll have dinner with him afterwards!”  Holy cow…this was more than I could handle.  But poor Mike got stuck in Newark and didn’t make it to DC until 5:30, so we weren’t able to do the mentor session, but we did meet him and a handful of others from the DC Pug for a yummy dinner at Levantes in Bethesda. 

Remember the Seinfeld episode when Jerry has a ‘man-crush’ on Keith Hernandez?  I think  I have a photographer-crush on Mike.  He has such a sharp business sense, his work is so fresh and unique, he is crazy in love with his wife, and blessing others with his talent and knowledge is real important to him.  He has the whole package!  Definitely inspires me to set goals, focus my business, and keep sharpening my skills to improve my work. 

So a big THANK YOU to Mike for stopping in DC for 22 hours on his way to New York to speak to our group.  It was great!  And I can’t wait to see you again in Vegas in March!















If you have a few hours to spare, and are looking for a new blog to stalk, Mike’s blog is a great one to visit!  There is even a group shot of him with all of us on Monday. 

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