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Boordy Vineyard

Yesterday, Rusty & I trekked out the the Boordy Vineyard in Hydes, MD.  Rusty and Kik ran into some friends from high school last week, and they invited us up there with them.  It is always fun catching up with high school friends and reminiscing about the old days.  To top it off, it was a beautiful day, and despite the fact that I am not really a wine-o, we had a great time.  I found several wines that I really liked (an I’m not just saying that…they we really yummy!).  Chilled Apple was my absolute fave…I think I may have polished off a bottle of that on my own.  We also brought home some Spiced Wassail for the upcoming holidays, Sangria, and some port (thanks to Julie and Chris!). 

Here is the Old Mill gang that wined it up yesterday:
























(Dina & Karen Millenburg, Julie Stammer, Chris Brown, Rusty & I)

Thanks so much for a great day!

Carrie & Larry’s Wedding

You may remember these two from their engagement shoot a few months ago at Patapsco Valley State Park at the elusive waterfall?  They were so much fun then, but their wedding this past weekend was even more fun.  They chose Thorpewood as the setting, which was totally appropriate for these two.  They love to camp and hike together, and Thorpewood is a beautiful lodge out in Thurmont.  The weather was perfect, and the love these two share is so strong and inspiring, no matter what was going on around them, they kept smiling at each other.  They were surrounded by terrific family and fun friends, so what could go wrong?  Here is Carrie’s grandmom seeing her for the first time (I just love this…):





















Here is the kiss (note the arch they are standing under:  Carrie’s dad made that, along with a wooden table used in the ceremony, and the cake cutting knives…he is quite handy with wood!):






















Cassie grabbed this awesome shot immediately after their exit from the ceremony…this is SO them:






























Again, I’m not trying to make you gag or anything, but these two are so great together and so totally in love…it was such a treat to be around them.  Here they are during the first dance:






















Carrie and her dad had a great dance together, too:






























As did Larry and his mom:

























And then there was the cake.  Holy cow…I have not seen a smash like this in quite some time!  I honestly thought Carrie was going to have to completely wash her face and re-do her make-up, but she managed to clean herself up like new with only minor re-touching.  Again, a tribute to how much fun they have together:





















There was some confusion throughout the night, and things weren’t always running as smoothly as they would have liked, but at the end, fun was had by all, and it was so great to witness that kind of love between two people so committed to each other. 

I got this email from Carrie this morning, and it almost made me cry:


We just wanted to take a second before we get out on the Honeymoon to THANK YOU!!!! You were our rock in the middle of all the craziness. While we were getting bombarded from all sides on things we thought professionals could take care of, you were there to help us through. The lack of courtesy and professionalism from the other people we had there was mind blowing, however, your grace and willingness to help out were second to none. Please let us know if there’s any way we can EVER repay the favor. We will be referring you to EVERYONE we know for ANYTHING they may need photos for. You truly were/are a blessing and we’re extremely grateful you were there with us on our special day.


Carrie and Larry

Thank YOU guys…you really are the best!  🙂

Roberts Girls

Last Friday, after two sickness-induced reschedules (one for me and one for them), I finally met the Roberts family.  Sofia & Gabriella are two beautiful girls, who are full of energy and giggles.  We were off to a slow start, but we ended with a bang, and ended up with lots of fun stuff.

Here is one of Sofia’s first poses (she is a pro at this!):































I got some exercise following Gabriella around the yard, but got lots of great moments like this: 





















Sofia is about to lose two of her teeth on the bottom, so she wanted to be sure I got them in the pictures:























Gabriella is only 21 months old, but I swear that beautiful head of hair makes her look 3 or 4.  But here she is demonstrating her two-year-old attention span to not sit still for me (but I think I got her pretty good anyway!):


















And this one of the girls together shows just how much fun sisters should have together:





















Thanks so much for having me out!  I had a great time!  🙂


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