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Ella & Parren

These two sweet girlies were so adorable…Ella with her freckles and braids, and Parren all tiny and sweet.  Parren decided not long after I arrived that she needed a snack so I took Ella outside and she hammed it up for me.  Check it out:























And look at the smile on Parren once her belly was full:























Ella is such a great big sister.  When Parren was crying, she’d say things like, “Whats wrong, punkin?”  So cute!























And then we got some of Parren and her big bright eyes…she was super-alert!
























Thank you guys for having me…it was great to meet you!  And thanks to grammy Lyn for giving me as a gift (maybe I should start tying a bow around myself when I arrive for the gift session…)!  🙂

Brad & Chris’ Wedding!

Sunday finally came…my brother got married!  It was a beautiful (and 90 degrees) day for thier wedding at the Baltimore Museum of Industry.  Christine’s family was down from Boston, and they were SO awesome and SO much fun!  I mean, we were so excited to finally have Chris as an official part of our family, but I think I speak for all of the Fleurys when I say we are just as happy to be united with the enitre Cleary family.  We have so much in common, and just had a blast with them all this weekend. 

Here is a shot of our newly extended family:















(Did I mention that my brother has married me into three sisters??!  Could I be more excited??!  I think not!) 🙂


Here is the happy couple…do they look awesome or what?




























Chris designed her dress and had it made just for her.  She has been practicing different poses with her sparkly scarf…too funny!  Here is a great one of both of them (look at that backdrop!):























Here are our two hot mamas right after the ceremony:


























This may be my favorite shot of them.  I think it captures the fun of the museum as well as the laid-back, happy-go-lucky lifestyle these two are all about:





























Chris and her Dad dancing:
























And me & my bro:






















It was such a great day!  Anyone looking for a band for their event should definitley look into XPD’s Band & Show, Inc. They rocked the house and put on a great show…it was awesome!  Biddle Street Catering filled us with yummy food and drinks, and Norman Marsh took the photos (thanks for getting me off the hook!). 

And just one more shout-out to our new Boston fam…we all had such a blast, and can’t wait for another excuse to be together again soon.  Miss you guys already!  And here’s wishing Brad & Chris a nice, quiet, relaxing honeymoon in Deep Creek.  You deserve it!  Love you guys!

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