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The Mullen Family

For my third and final act today, I met the Mullen family at Piney Orchard.  This was our first time working together, and I can’t think of anything that would have made it a better experience.  Here is the whole family:




























Zach & Zander were very giving with the smiles…

























Mommy & her boys (love this one!):





























I can’t resist a sweet brother picture:



















It was so great to meet you guys!  Thanks to Tia Titgmeyer for pimping me to yet another great family!  🙂

The Wilking Family

This afternoon it was off to the Wilking’s.  What a fun group!  Despite an abbreviated nap, Kate had plenty of smiles to share, as did the rest of the group.  Here is one of the first shots I got (I knew right away it was going to be an easy day):























Did you hear me when I said ‘easy’??





















No, seriously….did you hear me??





















What a happy group! 




















Daddy raked a big pile of leaves to play in, and there was some swing time, and trampoline time…it was like a picture party!  I had a blast!  Thanks, guys…

Andrew & Mary

Bright & early this morning, I headed to the Oak home for Miss Mary’s 9 month photos.  It has been 6 months since I’ve seen them, and so much has changed!  Andrew is walking (and running) around, Mary is all grown-up looking…it is amazing how quickly things change! 

These two were hard to get together, but there is something about this shot I really like:





















Good luck finding eyes bluer than these two kids have…check out these peepers:




















And these:

























And here is Mary’s signature tongue-out pose (I got one of these last time…see? Not everything changes…) 🙂























Thanks for having me out….and for all the exercise!  😉 

Vicki’s Baby Belly

She seriously looks like she swallowed a beach ball!  She only has like three weeks left, and she looks terrific!  Don’t hate her becasue she’s beautiful…
























Vicki is super close to her nephew, Isaac, so he joined us in a few pics.  Here he is solo:



























I think we all know how I feel about tootsies:
























And here are Mommy & Daddy together:
























It was so great to meet you guys!  I can’t wait to get my camera on Duncan!  And thanks to Kim Baicar for the hook-up.  🙂

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