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Sometimes an email can make your day…

I just got this email from a potential client, and it made me all warm and fuzzy inside, and I had to share (hope thats okay, Becky…):

Hi Heather,

I have several friends that have been blessed with your photography! You have been very affectionately recommended by Joan Robinson, Shelley Mazucca, Lisa Wilking, and Gina Marx. All of them are quick to show their gorgeous pictures and bubble over with enthusiasm for your work. With such glowing references I want in on the action! I look forward to hearing from you and meeting with you.

I am in awe of your talent,


Is that sweet or what?  So nice to come home to…

Welcome, Austin!

Today, I had the priveledge of meeting Amy & Bob Starkey’s new baby, Austin. He was hungry and sleepy, and then hungry and sleepy.  But in between, he was so cute!  Here is the whole fam:




















This is right after Mom tried to fix the hungry…he got sleepy…




























He really likes being in Daddy’s arms…can you tell?





















Look at this sweet boy:




















Thank you guys so much for having me out.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing the babies that are results of weddings that I have shot… My warmest congrats to you both! 🙂

Brian & Lori’s Wedding

What a beautiful day to get married!  There was a beautiful breeze blowing thru Lori’s hotel room where she was getting ready, and she looked just beautiful!  Lori’s mom had all of the flowers sent from Hawaii, and they were beautiful, too!  Here is Lori donned with blooms:




























The bridal party was a ton of fun.  Here they are hamming it up for me:


















First dance:




























And some Electric Slide fun:























Thanks so much for choosing us to capture your big day!  It was so much fun…you guys were great!  Have a great honeymoon!  🙂

The Stonecipher’s

Saturday morning, I had the pleasure of meeting the Stonecipher family.  I could not have asked for an easier, more cooperative group to start my day with.  Here is the whole group:




















Lilly & Jake together:




























And we did some photos of the kids in thier rooms…I really like these:
























And this may be my favorite from the day:



















Nothing better than catching kids as they are…

Thanks so much for having me!  You guys were awesome!  And thanks to Lori Shepherd for the hook-up!  🙂

This is why I love the Robinson’s…




















Nothing better than a client who offers you a beer as you walk in the door…unless the whole family is waiting to drink one with you!  🙂 

Now, I just saw these guys a little over a month ago, and the new pup, Guiness (not Yuengling), has grown already!  He seems to be a great addidtion to the family, even though I’m not posting any of his pictures today.  No hard feelings, okay?

Here is the fam:



















And this sweet shot of the girls together:

























Here is Julia’s beer-induced smile (JUST KIDDING!!!):























And Miss Caroline:























Thanks, guys!  It was fun, as usual!  🙂

This one’s for you, Mimi…

I went up to visit Cassie on Friday afternoon, and it turns our that Bryce had been away at camp all week.  I walked in just as Cassie was getting ready to pick him up, and when he got back to the house, I got some great shots of the twins laying a week of missed hugs & kisses on him.  So here ya go, Mimi…you say I never get shots with Bryce in them…




















Look at that group…are they sweet or what?!





















And Mr. Handsome alone:






























And this is what I followed up 95…this poor great dane packed into the back of this Golf…he was staring straight at me the whole time I was in the tunnel, but I didn’t think it was a good idea to try and take the photo in the tunnel…























Funny… 🙂

The Polakowski’s

Last Friday, I went to see the Polakowski gang.  It has been almost a year, and everyone has grown!  Here is the whole group:




























Here is Ava (or mini-mommy):
























And Mr. Ian:

























And Nadia and her beautiful eyes:




















And towards the end, they wanted to do a silly one, so I told them all to make a funny face, and even Nadia got in on the fun:
















Too funny!  Thanks so much for having me out!  It was great seeing you guys! 🙂

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