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The Rainwater Family

This was my first visit to the Rainwater’s.  I have been doing Tammy’s sister, Jen’s, family photos for a couple years, and she finally got sucked in!  She and hubby, Jim, have two very handsome boys, and they were a pleasure to work with.  Here is the fam:





















The boys together (and note Mason’s dog, Stitch…my Graham has one just like it at home named Bingo…how funny is that?):




























Here is Mason (mini-daddy):






























And Mitchell (mini-mommy):

























Thanks so much for having me out!  You guys were awesome!  🙂

Our Halloween

Okay…just look at my boys:

Daddy as Dr. Zaius (he scared a kid or two on our walk last night):




























Here is Trent as a gangster (and the attitude comes naturally…no acting there, folks!):





























And G-Bomb as a hot dog with mustard (and for those of you who know him, you know how appropriate that is):





























My girl, Susan, made dinner for us (complete with green eyeball punch and mummy dogs), so I grabbed a shot of all the kids together (from left:  Kyle, Ivy, Graham, Trent & Maggie):
























Thanks so much for the creepy dinner!  We had a great time!  🙂


The Meagher Family

Kind of like Favre pronounced farve, the Meagher’s are pronounced maharr.  Just trying to keep me on my toes!  And to further do so, Alison is expecting Meagher #4 in March!  AND they are opening a Rolie Polies in Crofton soon, so there is a LOT going on in that family!  And after getting shut down by the crazy rain last week, we met at Homestead Gardens yesterday for a fall photo.  Here are the three current Meagher’s:





















Mason is a total ham bone…it is a challenge to get a natural smile in between him trying to make me laugh:




























And Miss Payton:






























And Miss Camryn:


















There were so many beautiful displays at Homestead Gardens, and the staff around us were so kind to let me roll around on the floor and get in everyone’s way for a few minutes.  Thanks so much!


The Patton Family

It has been almost a year since I have seen these guys, and I can’t get over how they’ve grown!  Denise’s parents were in town so we were able to get a whole famil shot:



























Here is the birthday boy:





























And Mr. Josh:



























Thanks so much for a great shoot!  And thanks to your neighbor for allowing is to hijack her backyard so early in the morning!  🙂

Kelson & Sandy

I know I’ve bragged about how great my clients are, but occaisionally someone exceeds all expectations.  Sue Weber did this for me Tuesday night.  I showed up to take the annual photo of her son, Kelson, and thier dog, Sandy.  She suggested we take the photo at the top of the stairs since it was Sandy’s favorite spot.  I grabbed a great shot, and once she saw it on the camera, she said, “Great!  We’re done!”  And that was it!  She wrote down her order, wrote a check, and sent me on my way!  What a treat!  It doesn’t get much easier than that! 

And some people have been asking me what my Christmas cards look like, so I thought I would share one of the designs that Sue didn’t pick (I don’t want to spoil the surprise of her actual card):





















Thank you guys for the easiest job EVER!  🙂

All the way from Arkansas!

Now I know I’m important!  The Mauk Family came all the way from Arkansas to have me take their photo!  Well, maybe it was convenient that they could squeeze me into their visit home, but it was fun no matter how you look at it.  We met on Monday morning…and it was chilly!  Poor little Nate’s teeth were chattering, but we mananged to get some good stuff.  Here is the fam:


















The kiddos:


















Go ahead and say it…is that a bow or are you just happy to see me?





























And Nate and I went head to head, but I waited him out and finally got a smile:





























Thanks so much for working  me into your trip home!  It was great to meet you all!  And thanks a bunch to Kathy Hutchins for the hook-up!  🙂

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