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Susan’s Boudoir

I did this boudoir session with my girlfriend, Susan, last week, promising to NOT feature her on the blog.  But once she saw how great she looked in the photos, she gave me the go-ahead to post some.   She and her hubby are getting ready to celebrate their anniversary, and she thought this would be a fun alternative to your everyday gift. 

WARNING:  The following is for ADULT eyes only….don’t get me wrong…they are very tasteful and not too revealing, but you may not want to explain to your kids why a mom would want photos like this.  🙂













 For the most part, women are not excited or comfortable having photos taken.  So having someone be comfortable enough with me to do this is a compliment, but then having them say that they LOVE the photos really made my day.


































































Happy Anniversary, guys!  🙂






Tephany & Dickson

This post is a week late…please accept my apologies! 

I met Tephany & Dickson thru Kevin & Amy Nollette who were married a year ago (Happy Belated Anniversary!) and have since done some serious pimping for me.  Cassie went to high school with a bunch of these guys, so between that and shooting three of thier weddings, I feel like we are long lost friends! 

Tephany & Dickson are both very laid back, and they are all about the fun.  What a great wedding to have been to.  Here are a couple of before shots of the bride:




















This dress was not at all what I had pictured in my mind for Tephany, but it could not have been more perfect.  She was stunning:





























One of my favorite moments is the couple walking down the aisle after the ceremony.  It ususally makes for great smiles:





















Cassie grabbed this shot before the reception:





























And here they are during the first dance:




















Thanks so much for choosing me to capture your big day.  You guys were so great to work with…I hope you have a fabulous, relaxing honeymoon!

And here is a shot of me & the Nollettes at the end of the night (don’t hate them because they’re beautiful)…

Thanks so much for sharing your friends with me!

Chillin’ with the Mettles

And I mean that quite literally…it was SO cold yesterday morning, and the kids were trying so hard to stay warm and smile at the same time.  I think they did a pretty good job!  It was super-cold by the water, and with the sun behind the clouds, I wanted to start there before it got too bright.  I love this one of the kids:



















Then as we were walking to out next spot, we saw this cool sky & rainbow:




















When I showed Jessica this photo on the back of my camera, she said, “Wow! Thats a big family!  Is that us?”  I think its funny how things seem in your mind compared to how they appear in photos. I know that I am most struck by how big my kids are when I see them in photos. 




















Again, the fall colors are really starting to peak.  Here is another colorful shot of the kids:




















Thank you guys so much for hanging in there with me and braving the cold!  It was totally worth it!  Great to meet you all… 🙂 

More Titgemeyers!

Its only been a month or so since I did the Titgemeyer’s holiday photos, but Tia’s mom and step-dad wanted in on the fun.  So we met at Quiet Waters again, and got to enjoy some more fall colors and family fun that only happens when grandparents are around.  Here are the grandparents and their girls:



















Now the fun begins….

Gram getting some love and attention:




















Then she got down on the ground for some horsing around, and Margot started messing up her hair, so I asked her to fix it.  This is what followed (and I’m glad to have gotten these shots, since I was laughing SO hard):
























Makes me wonder if this is the method Tia uses on Margot in the mornings…

Emma has a thing for boys, and Richard is definitley at the top of her list:





















We also managed to get this great shot of the girls with Gus & Toby…the light was so great!





















So thanks to you all for another fun shoot!  I am so lucky to have such a great job! 🙂

Another Belly Makes 6

Scott & Amy are expecting their fourth child in December, and they only have until then to come up with the perfect name.  Here is the fam reading the worn out baby name book that Amy spends much of her time reading:


















They have chosen three other great names, so I’m sure this one will be just as great…once they figure it out. 

I love this shot of the fam:



















You may recognize their two oldest from my website…they are the two cuties peeking out from the belly (and that was Mr. Nolan in the belly)…

Here is mom & Nolan enjoying time together.   Nolan loves to sit and twirl her hair:




















And beautiful Mommy:




























As always, it was a pleasure doing your photos.  Amy, I appreciate you sharing all of your friends with me…I had no idea that when you walked up to me that day at church six years ago, what a great friend I had just made.  I can’t wait to meet whatshis/hername!  🙂 

Morsbergers and Moose

This was my first time with this family, but you would never have known by the warm, huggy greeting I was given when we met at the park.  Melissa was referred to me by my Catonsville/Ellicott City circle (holla, girls!), and her family was easy peasy lemon squeezy!  Look at this first shot right off the bat:




















Not only was the light perfect, but the dog looked great, not to mention the human subjects.

Mom and Dad in my favorite tree…so in love… 🙂




















Here are the girls in my favorite tree…maybe not in love, but certainly happy to be together (and check out the blue peepers courtesy of Daddy-o):





















And here is a man and his dog, Moose, checking out the stream:




























It was so great to finally meet you guys!  I had a blast!  🙂


Downtown with the Sladky’s

On a beautiful, 74 degree, November 1st afternoon, I met the Sladky family down in Annapolis for their holiday photo session.  What a great group to work with!  And I want to begin by thanking the residents of King George Street for their hard work in beautifying their homes and making perfect backdrops for our portraits.  Here is the fam:





















Addie is growing up so quickly, and she is on the brink of walking and taking off on her own. 























Murphy was feeling much better today, and he seemed happy to be out and about in town and see all of the other pooches who were enjoying the unseasonably warm weather.  Here’s he and Addie on the grounds of the alumni house (where they had just begun stringing lights for the HUGE outdoor Christmas tree…its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!).  Look at that belly:























And my favorite shot of the day….I like to call this a happy accident.  Addie was sick of sitting with mom and dad and made a bee line for me, and look at this…I LOVE it!!


























Thanks so much for another fun shoot!  And on a personal note, thanks for letting me bring my boys when I realized at the last minute there was a half-day of school.  And thanks to Trent & Graham for behaving while I dragged them along…

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