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Danielle & Andrew

What a way to end my wedding season!  Danielle found me online thru a random search, and when she read my story about dropping out of college at the last minute deciding not to be a teacher, she knew I was the girl for her.  See, she and Andrew met when he was assigned to her classroom as a college student for observation.  It was Danielle that encouraged him to choose another profession.  Honestly, I can’t remember all the details, but I wished someone had encouraged me to take up photography sooner and not waste all that time (and money…I know, I know…one more round of apologies to my parents) in college.  Anyway, these two are great.  We had a super time on the engagement shoot at Loyola over the summer, so I knew the wedding would be even better.  They were married at the chapel at McDaniel College, and had the reception at Roop’s Mill, all in Westminster. 

Here is Danielle before:





























And Andrew, every bit as pretty 🙂 :




























You know how I love the coming back down the aisle shot:



















I just love, love, love this next one!  Perfect fall colors:





















And they wanted to have some photos taken by this arch on campus, and I am glad we did:






















Now, I’m not posting any from the reception.  There were simply too many!!  Between the Ice, Ice Baby re-enactment, I Like Big Butts song (and these girls knew EVERY word AND dance move to these)…the Cheri O’Teri Spartan dance, the Zoot Suit Riot swing dancing…there was more than I could handle.  Needless to say, fun was had by all.  I am so glad you found me!  It was a great day!!

The Ugly Family

Aisha & her family were referred to me by our mutual friend, Tom Robbins, who assured her that when it came time for her photos to be posted on my blog, I would surely label them, the ugly family.  Nothing could be farther from the truth, but to make Tom laugh, thats my title.

This family is beautiful in every sense of the word.  Easy on the eyes, for sure, but they are every bit as fun-loving as they are pretty.  We took a field trip to historic DC and got some great shots around the Jefferson Memorial.  Here is one of my faves:




















Here’s another one with Mr. Jefferson in the background:






























In attempts to get the kids to laugh (and not call them by the wrong names) I made up nick-names according to the color they were wearing.  So Amal was ‘green bean’ and Jennah was ‘grape ape’.  This got them to giggling, which made for more great shots.  Then, in fear that Zaid was feeling left out, the girls donned him ‘spinach’.  Great smiles ensued:



















And Tom…this one’s for you!






















What a great job…going to cool places, meeting new, awesome people…what a blessing!  Thanks you guys!  It was a blast!  And one more thanks to Tom for the hook up…  🙂

Picasso, aka Trent

Trent informed me last week that some of his artwork had been displayed in the hallway at school, so I had to go take a look.  First of all, in true Owens fashion, he doesn’t write his name on his painting.  (In his defense, neither did half the other kids.) So I had to figure out which one was his.  I was walking down the line, starting to sweat as I knew I was coming to the end and hadn’t seen anything I thought was his.  But lo and behold, there at the end of the line was his painting.  With no name written on it, but somehow had his name written all over it. 




















His love for all things Japanese shining through!  And just FYI…those clouds are cut out and pasted onto the background.  He thought it was too plain without them.  Thats my boy…  🙂

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