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We’re Having Another Baby!

Somewhere out there, my mother is lying on the floor in disbelief.  This isn’t actually true, but if you could guarantee me that if I had three more kids, that our family would be as fun as the Seaman’s, I would sign the dotted line right now!  This family of seven was the MOST fun!  We met at Fox Hill Park in Bowie (where I think I’ve decided I want our family photos taken this year) and the fun began.  We trekked thru the woods to find the stone bridge, and once I realized there really was a stone bridge and they weren’t just taking me out in the woods to kill me and hide my body, I got some really great pictures!  Here is the whole group:



















Tal and Heather are raising such great kids…it isn’t everyday that you see siblings who like each other, much less love each other and genuinley seem to enjoy being together.  If you guys wrote a book, I’d be first in line to buy it!

You wouldn’t believe how many tries it took us to get this one right.  “Okay…everyone jump on three!  One, two…”


















Totally worth the work…

Here are dad & his beautiful girls:



















And mom and her goofy (and handsome) boys:


















I can’t tell you how much fun I had yesterday.  I am so glad that Patrick Reilly sent you my way…I will be forever grateful. 

Out in the Boonies

I went over to the Eastern Shore yesterday to take some photos of the Dashiell’s.  I met Wendy at her mom’s place, and it seems like I drove, and drove, and drove.  And drove.  It really wasn’t that long time-wise, but going so far down road that had nothing on them made me wonder if I was headed in the right direction.  But I was, and it was well worth the drive.  The scenery was beautiful, and her boys were full of smiles (and energy!) and we got some great stuff.

Here’s the fam:
























Can’t beat the sun shining thru those great fall colors! 

Here are the brothers hamming it up:























Justin peeking at me…look at those eyes:





















And Wild Man Ethan looking pretty sweet here  🙂 :



















Thanks so much for having me out….WAY out!  It was fun!  🙂

Welcome Duncan!

When I told Rusty I was shooting Duncan’s newborn photos today, he said, “Boy, they must really like donuts!”  Is he funny or what?

Duncan was exactly one week old yesterday, and there is nothing better than getting those newborn shots this soon.  Get ready for some of the sweetest photos…girls, these are bound to make your ovaries ache… 🙂

And for those who are just laying eyes on him for the first time…may I introduce…

Mr. Duncan Christopher Gordon!




















His sweet feet:






























And his hands:





























Congrats, Chris & Vicky!  You did well!  🙂

Katie & Ryan

These two were full of giggles, and they had great peepers!  I love this first one…they are so clearly siblings, just with different color eyes:





























Ryan was a total gigglebox!  I don’t know if I spent more time trying to make him laugh, or make him stop!  🙂
























And Katie must have been practicing her posing for weeks…she was so good at it!





























Thanks for having me out and braving the chilly temps with me!  🙂

The Nowak Family

This was our first time working together, and it was like butta!  Until the very end when I tried to get the kids to sit by me with mom and dad off in the distance, and little Miss Gracie wasn’t having any of that.  So we finished up shortly after that, and I take full responsibility for suggesting it.  But luckily, we had so much other great stuff, it was just fine.

Here is the whole fam:























Mom and Dad…I  just love the snuggle in this one:























Sean with a great grin:




























And sweet Gracie…don’t you just love the pigtails and the scrunched nose??
























It was so great to meet you guys!  Thanks for having me! 🙂

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