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The Millenburg’s

I think I may have spent more time in the Millenburg house when I was a teenager than in my own, so when they asked if I would update the family photo for Pop, I gladly obliged.  (Okay, maybe the offer was tainted with promises of Cosmos afterwards, but whatever…) 

Here are the four siblings:



















Poor Derek was freezing cold, so as soon as he gave up this smile, he made a bee line for the warm car:





























Greg, his wife Angela, and Grant & Caroline (great smiles, everyone!):
























Dina, Aaron & their new baby, Remy:

























And then there’s Kik and her hubby, Kent, and thier boys, Camden & Turner (and thats a real smile on Kent…not the phony one we usually see in pictures!):





















Lots of great photos for all!  And thanks for spoiling us with food & drink & good company afterwards.  We had a great time! 🙂 

The Aben Family

My final shoot on Saturday was with the Aben family.  The sky had started to clear up, but it was still pretty chilly.  Samantha & I headed out to scope our location, and I grabbed this one of her before anyone else came out:




























Here is the whole happy family:




















Hey, look…three kids smiling all at once!  Go figure…






















And Mom and Dad all smiles (mostly because they knew a babysitter was on her way and they were gearing up for date night!):





















Hope you guys had a great time! 

The Leigh Family

Then it was off to visit the Leigh’s.  I haven’t seen these guys in a while, either…since Beau was born, and again, he’s grown like a weed!  He is a very content, chubby bubby, and he and Huck were most cooperative during their shoot.  Christine had set up this great Christmas scene in the den for the family shot:























Grammy Linda made the sweaters for the boys…she is quite talented with yarn!

And here are the boys trying hard NOT to open the present:




















And one nice shot outside:





















Thanks so much for having me out!  Always great seeing you guys! 🙂

The Oxendine Family

It was not the prettiest Saturday ever for the Oxendine’s family photo, but we made it work.  Kristen was all organized with her outfit changes (for everyone including Sonny).  Elli has grown like crazy since I last saw her.  I think they should start calling her Bam-Bam…she is a rolie-polie 5 month old who is almost sitting on her own, cutting teeth…all kinds of fun stuff!  Here she is with Sonny in thier Redskins get-up:


























Sonny is such a good pup…

Here is the fam outside (Sonny was giving up on me at this point…):



















And here is a great smile from Elli…





















Thank you guys so much for having me out…and thanks so much for sending so many of your friends to me!  🙂  

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