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Me and My Boys

Well, it was time for MY family photo taken today, and as I have told many of you, this is not a task I care to take on myself.  So my wonderful friend, Jen Lowe, came over and took some photos for us.  Afterwards, we went to a park where I took some shots of her family.  I’m not sure which of us had the harder job.  🙂  But we came away with some nice shots, so…THANKS, JEN!
















 I think I like this one best….











Thanks for putting up with us!

The Marshall Guys

I did John & Tracey’s engagement a couple months back, and today, John had me out to take some photos of he and his brothers and his dad.  What a group…








































Dad and his boys:




















Thanks for having me again…it was great to meet you all!

The Fergus Family

It has been a few months since I visited these guys for Olivia’s newborn shoot, and boy has she grown!  She is so cute…her face could be on baby food jars…

Here she is with Mom, Dad and Roscoe:





















Look at big girl standing up (and Roscoe wondering what we’re doing to him)!
























And this one takes the cake:





















Holy cow…is she cute or what?!  It was great to see you guys again!

The Sherno’s

Then it was off to Stephanie’s sister, Stacy’s, family.  We worked together over the summer during an all girl photo, but I got to meet Dad today, too.  Here is the fam:





















Jacqueline & Olivia are two beautiful girls and are very easy to take pictures of.  Here they are with pup, Lily:





















And a nice shot of mom & dad:



























It was great seeing you guys again…thanks for a simple job! 🙂

The Suttons

This is a family you may recognize, as they have been on the blog several times before.  It was the Christmas session for these guys, and everyone looked so nice in their red outfits:





























It was chilly, and we were working fast, but I grabbed this moment with the girls:






























Sophia was not too hip to having her photo taken today, but Rachel couldn’t get enough!  As soon as we came back inside, she showed me her new pink tennis shoes that she picked out the day before.  She was so proud of them:































And Mommy was getting some smiles from Miss Sophia:


















Thanks for having me out!

The Jentilets

I was almost a half an hour late to my first shoot with this family thanks to 495 Friday afternoon traffic, but we manged to get some nice stuff as the sun was going down.  I had to work fast to get as much of that late day sun as I could…



















Here are Rachel & Nathan with their pooch, Penny:





















And they even climbed a tree for me (my kind of kids):



















Thanks so much for working with me so quickly and for all the great smiles.  And thanks to Belinda Stonecipher for the hook-up!

Charlie Blue Eyes

This little guy was asleep when I arrived, but he woke up happy as can be and ready for his photo shoot.  He showed off his tummy talent in the beginning:




















And later we got some dimple shots in the baptismal gown that his grandma made for him (the smocking on it was amazing):




























And even though he wa hungry, we got some great shots like this at the end:

























Thanks so much for having me out! 🙂





Madison & Morgan

These two cuties were a hoot!  Madison channels Tyra Banks and is sure she is going to be America’s next top model!  And she is FIVE!  You wouldn’t believe the posing she did…she cracked me up the whole time.  Here they are together:



















And she had just lost those bottom teeth, so many of her photos had her tongue coming thru the hole…Too cute:




























And Morgan made Daddy work playing catch with a stuffed dog, but it paid off with smiles like this:







And Madison had this special outfit to have her birthday photo taken in…perfect for Tyra! 🙂



















It was so great to FINALLY (after what, 4 reschedules for rain or stitches?) take your pictures!  🙂

Robillard Family

Another rainy day, but I talked these guys into going outside with me anyway to get some of the great fall color.  Here is the whole fam:





















Mommy, Daddy & Asia:




















And this is Kim’s son, Tony (who I swear she must have had when she was 10) and his family:




















And Asia & Jagger:

























It was so great to meet you guys!  You made my job so easy!  And thanks for hanging out in the wet outdoors with me!

The Monroe Family

Amy said that her little guy, Zach, never smiles in photos when she takes him to the studio. She was worried I would have a hard time.  Well, this proves what a difference it makes when you are having your photo taken out and about having a good time in a relaxed setting…check the smiles:





















And this one:





























He isn’t quite walking yet, but we got this great one of him standing (looks like he is saying, “Look at them…I’ve got them wrapped around my finger!” : 

























I had a great time with  you guys!  Shall we say you are officially not going back to Sears?  🙂

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