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Merry Christmas to ALL!

Wow…has it been a long time or WHAT??!!

After almost 100 shoots in two months, life is beginning to settle down a little.  I have enjoyed some peace and quiet over the four day weekend, and have enjoyed spending time with Rusty & the boys.  We enjoyed seeing our extended families and celebrating the season with them.  I’m working on getting out holiday cards to all of my clients…with all the new families I’ve worked with this year, that has proven to be a pretty big project!  But it is one I’m blessed to have…thanks to all of you for sharing me with your family and friends.  I am looking forward to all that 2008 has to hold for all of you and your families!

Here is the only photo we took on Christmas Day…this was taken at 7am.  Trent tried to get us up at 5am, but that was just TOO early.  We told him to come back at 6:30, and he came back at 6:26, saying we had a 4 minute buffer to get ourselves out of bed.  We actually dragged it out for more than 20 minutes before they were back in there DYING to open gifts! So here we are…don’t hate me becasue we’re beautiful…