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Pretty Girls

The only thing easier to shoot than pretty people, are fun people.  And my new friends, Leslie & Caden, are a whole lotta both!  Look at the love between these two:









Caden is a bundle of energy, and if full of jokes and funny faces and energy (did I mention energy?):


















This next one really epitomizes her…jumping like a monkey on the bed with a tiara on…


















But what a pretty brown-eyed girl:









It was super meeting you guys!  And thanks a bunch to Radiah for the hook-up!  🙂


Pound for Pound

I made some new friends on Monday…meet the Pounds.  Luke & Ethan are two boys eagerly waiting the arrival of their new brother or sister.  Mom, Melissa, is radiant, making these three a pleasure to work with.  Here they are together:

















The boys reading “The New Baby” story we happened to find in one of their books (Luke is a great reader!):


















And Melissa wanted a photo of the boys hands on her belly, and I love the way it turned out:










Thanks so much for having me out!  I can’t wait to meet Charlie, Thomas, Rose…whoever’s in there!  😉 

Happy Birthday, Camden!

Camden turned 10 on Friday, and we celebrated with a bowling party and sushi on Saturday. 

Here is the birthday boy with his cheesecake (nice choice, by the way):










And then he had birthday ice cream at Nano:










Then Ms. Ling proceeded to give him his 10 birthday spanks… 🙂  Thanks, Lancasters!  We had a ton of fun…

The Cumberland’s

I made some new friends on Friday…Lauren, Brooks & Brett.  This was Brett’s first photo shoot, so it was supposed to be about him, but Lauren & Brooks were so cute, they almost stole the show. 

Here is big sister, Lauren:









And big brother, Brooks:










And their most recent addition…Brett (love the sleeping smirk):









And here is the trio:










So thank you so much for having me out to your beautiful home (seriously…when Better Homes & Gardens calls and wants to feature your home, be sure to tell them that you have your own photographer you’d like to use…)  🙂 …it was great meeting  your family.  And Lauren was such a sweetie…she told me how much she liked my lip gloss, and my coat, and she said my teeth were so white and pretty (it was like a B12 shot for my ego!).  I can’t wait to come again!


Jake’s Hair

Moving up through the ranks of the Civil Air Patrol comes at a price, and for my friend, Jake, that price is a haircut.  After seriously considering not taking the promotion he worked so hard for to hold on to his hair, he decided to suck it up and go under the knife.  But not before we took some pics to remember it…

I think this is my fave:




















And my next fave:



















And another:


















Its only a matter of time before Hollister or Abercrombie are on the phone to schedule your photo shoot, Mr. Lebo… 🙂

Girl’s Night Out

Last night I got together with some of my favorite people and ate pizza & queso and drank margaritas…what a dream! 

I’ve featured plenty of shots that my assistant (and life-long friend) Cassie has taken at weddings, but I’m not sure I’ve ever featured a photo of her…so here we are:















 And here are her three monkeys piled on top of me:


















 You may remember me talking about Jodie (the fab make-up artist) and her daughter, Kim, whose engagement photos I did back in October…here I am with them, Kenzie & my mom:










It was so nice to get out and have some girl time, so thanks to Jodie for having us all over, and for the all the make-up goodies, as well!  I had a great time…  🙂 



This photo does not capture the bright beauty of this rainbow that was in the sky yesterday afternoon at 5 o’clock: