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Pretty Girls

The only thing easier to shoot than pretty people, are fun people.  And my new friends, Leslie & Caden, are a whole lotta both!  Look at the love between these two:









Caden is a bundle of energy, and if full of jokes and funny faces and energy (did I mention energy?):


















This next one really epitomizes her…jumping like a monkey on the bed with a tiara on…


















But what a pretty brown-eyed girl:









It was super meeting you guys!  And thanks a bunch to Radiah for the hook-up!  🙂

Pound for Pound

I made some new friends on Monday…meet the Pounds.  Luke & Ethan are two boys eagerly waiting the arrival of their new brother or sister.  Mom, Melissa, is radiant, making these three a pleasure to work with.  Here they are together:

















The boys reading “The New Baby” story we happened to find in one of their books (Luke is a great reader!):


















And Melissa wanted a photo of the boys hands on her belly, and I love the way it turned out:










Thanks so much for having me out!  I can’t wait to meet Charlie, Thomas, Rose…whoever’s in there!  😉 

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