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Twins X 2!

My husband has been working on the Haan’s vehicles for a while, and I’ve been hearing about them since they became his clients.  But as of Tuesday, they became my clients as well!  Ami & Jim had twin boys a year and a half ago, and then three months ago, they had twin girls!  YES!  You read that correctly…two sets of twins in less than 2 years!  I won’t say my job was easy, but considering that I was only there for two hours and got to go home, I think I had the easy part. 

Now, I didn’t get a fantastic shot of the four-some together, but I did manage to get one where they are all looking at me.  But I did get some individual shots that were nice…

Here is Julian (look at those blue peepers):










And Jamie (he looks just like Mommy, and this time, note the brown peepers):










And here are the girlies, Sarah & Allison:









What a group!  And Ami is having some surgery on Monday that will require quite a recovery, so we’ll be praying that all will go smoothly and that the help needed to keep your four-ring circus running smoothly will appear.