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The Ricker Kids

Sorry I am so behind on blogging this week…I’ve got a bit of a head cold working on me, and its throwing me off. 

Anyhoo, I travelled out to Sykesville country on Monday to meet the Ricker family.  These 4 kiddos were a bundle of energy.  Little Dani was born back in December, so this is thier first photo as a foursome:










Jake does not give up smiles for just anything, but his pal, Aidan, stopped by, and got several out of him:


















And who could resist a little girlie in a hat??










There was some great light working in their house…I couldn’t get enough!  Dylan & I were in the middle of a tickle fight in this one:











And here is Miss Dani…looking so sweet (with a little sour gesture) 😉


















Thanks so much for having me out!  You guys were great!  And thanks to Lisa Cumberland for the hook-up!