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The Sands Fam

This morning I did a lighning-fast shoot with the Sands family.  Birthday-boy Brian was teetering on nap-time, so I was trying to work as quickly as possible.  It is hard to believe that a whole year has passed since we did his newborn shoot…he has grown into such a sweet, handome guy…

















Jacqui had these outfits made for he and Kylie since Brian is all about balls and such.  (In case you’re wondering where these ADORABLE outfits came from, they are homemade by Carol Branson at Sew Adorable Designs.  Very reasonably priced and very well made…sure to be an heirloom!  I checked out her website, and there are a ton of sweet things.)

And Kylie warmed up to me super-quick today, and put on quite a show for me:

















Here is a shot of the whole fam:










And brother and sister together:









How cute is this group??  Thanks so much for having me out!  🙂  

Holly’s Hot Belly

This was my first time working with Holly, and boy did I have a blast!  (I hope she did, too…)  What Holly may have thought of as an eyesore in her neighbor’s yard was a dream to me…dilapidated fence, overgrown vines…holy cow!  What more could I ask for?  And a little texture on top (kinda like a cherry…):

















And nothing beats a little sun flare in the afternoon:



















Just couldn’t get enough of the afternoon light:


















One more thanks to Holly for being such a great direction follower, and doing all the weird things outside that I asked…you were awesome!  Can’t wait to meet the little one… 🙂

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