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Happy Birthday, Trent!

Here we go again…

It was 11 years ago today that our oldest son, Trent, was born.  (Holy cow…how is that possible??!)  Here we are that day:









I remember being so excited that he was finally here…he and I spent a lot of time together (obviously) and he was never really one to need babying.  Trent is very independent and bright, and we couldn’t be more proud of him.  He is getting to that ‘too cool for school’ age where I can’t seem to do anything without totally embarassing him.  Even in our own backyard with no one around, here is the reaction when I wanted to take his picture:



















So I try to respect his space, and not be too geeky or embarassing, but I guess it is just inevitable as a mother.  Here is the smile that still melts my heart:


















So happy birthday, pal.  And between you, me, and the wall…I love you!



Our New Sidewalk

Our front walk had to be torn up back in October due to septic issues, and has been a dirt walk flanked by a rock pile ever since.  We finally hired Marrocco’s Stamped Concrete to do the job, and we are 2/3 of the way to our beautiful new walkway.  Here is the pile of rock that our walk has been for the past 4 months:













This crew was awesome…they have shown up early both days and worked their bootys off.  This process is definitley an art, and it was interesting to watch them work (hopefully they didn’t mind too much)…









The brown color towards the bottom of the pic is a couple shades lighter than it will be once dry.  Then they apply the dark grey color that will fall into the grout lines and accent the raised part:









Once the second color is down, they go back and press it into the concrete so it takes better…


















So now we have to wait a week or so for it set, and then be sealed.  I can’t wait to see the finished product!  A huge thanks to Ben and his crew that have been a dream to work with…

Happy Birthday, G-Bomb!

It was 8 years ago today that our youngest son, Graham, was born.  Holy cow…it seems crazy how quickly these years have flown by, and what a blessing Graham has been to our family.  My relationship with him is very different than mine with Trent…he is my baby, and I suspect (much to his dismay) he always will be.  Sometimes when I see him, I do a double-take because I can’t believe how long his legs are, or that he has outgrown another pair of pants! 

Here we are shortly after his arrival:










And here he is today sandwiched between his two best friends, Americo and Caleb, at lunch celebrating his big day with chocoloate donuts (actually the donuts had been scarffed down by the time I got around to taking this photo):










So happy birthday, G!  I love you, I love you, I love you!  xoxo


Twins X 2!

My husband has been working on the Haan’s vehicles for a while, and I’ve been hearing about them since they became his clients.  But as of Tuesday, they became my clients as well!  Ami & Jim had twin boys a year and a half ago, and then three months ago, they had twin girls!  YES!  You read that correctly…two sets of twins in less than 2 years!  I won’t say my job was easy, but considering that I was only there for two hours and got to go home, I think I had the easy part. 

Now, I didn’t get a fantastic shot of the four-some together, but I did manage to get one where they are all looking at me.  But I did get some individual shots that were nice…

Here is Julian (look at those blue peepers):










And Jamie (he looks just like Mommy, and this time, note the brown peepers):










And here are the girlies, Sarah & Allison:









What a group!  And Ami is having some surgery on Monday that will require quite a recovery, so we’ll be praying that all will go smoothly and that the help needed to keep your four-ring circus running smoothly will appear.

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