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Grey the Fat-head

I’m sure I’ve told the story how that is the nickname my youngest got from his big brother when he was a baby because he had a big head and no hair.  ‘Fathead’ has, over the past 8 years, become a term of endearment in our family, and I affectionately use it today to describe Grey.  I haven’t seen him since shortly after his birth, and he turned 6 months last week.  Look at this face:










 And that is without a smile.  Prepare to melt:










Is he the sweetest or what?  And I had the priveledge of meeting Grammy Elaine today, and we got a great shot of the two of them together:

















Grey is also blessed with a terriffic Mommy (who always feeds me chocolate cake or something yummy she’s made) who I’m sure had we met in elementary school I would have been fast friends with.  So here are the two of them together sharing quite a laugh:









You guys are such a pleasure to work with…thanks for choosing me to capture your growing family…


Welcome, Kendall

Yesterday was my first visit with the Rawson’s.  Becky & Jeff just welcomed their first child, Kendall, a couple weeks ago.  They received my service as a shower gift (what a great idea!) and they were awesome.   Becky had given Kendall a little snack before I came, but once we started, she decided she was still hungry.  So, once her tummy was full, she was a very willing subject.  Look at this sweet face:










Becky’s mom had given her a bag of her childhood toys, so we worked them into a few shots.  (Notice the Rolf doll…he is actually a puppet, and if only he would have fit in my camera bag…DARN!  And isn’t it a  shame our kids won’t know the Muppet Show??):










Look at this girl already in love with her Daddy:

















And I love this wedding ring shot:










It was so great to meet you guys!  Can’t wait to capture your girl as she grows…  🙂

Luke & Zack

On Wednesday I went to see the Mazzuca boys.  These two are growing like weeds…just about sitting up on their own, jumping around in their bouncers…happy as clams. 










Here is Zack:










And his partner in crime, Luke:









These two are also dealing with a condition called plagiocephaly, which is abnormal flattening on the back of a baby’s head.  Luke has had the condition from in utero, then both boys had acid reflux which worsened Luke’s and created Zack’s because they slept in their car seats often in the first three months.  Also, they did not enjoy tummy time and therefore were on their backs more often.  So they were fitted with corrective helmets at the Star Cranial Center of Excellence in Columbia, MD, and now they have very nice, round heads.  (That sounds funny…but I’m not really trying to be… :))  But the Star Center was wanting some photos of the boys for literature and displays, so we took some with their helmets:









So hopefully, this week will be their last with the helmets.  They wear them almost all day, so it may be an adjustment to not have them.  But all is well…

It was great to see you guys again! 

Waiting Patiently

The Meagher family is patiently waiting for the arrival of baby #4.  It is unknown if it is a boy or a girl, and the anticipation is high.  Grandma was flying in yesterday afternoon to be here for the birth and transition to a family of six (wow, thats a lot of people!), so hopefully the baby will come soon.

Here are the original three, Payton, Mason & Camryn:









Love the peek shot:










And look at that belly…is that all baby or what?!










Thanks for having me out!  Hopefully I’ll see you again in the next week or two to meet #4!  🙂


Soapbox warning!  I have pulled out the soapbox and I am screaming from it’s heights! 

When you are at the grocery store or Costco or Target or any other store that provides carts to make your shopping experience easier, put your cart away when you are finished.  I mean seriously…we all pay good money for our vehicles, and wouldn’t it be nice if they weren’t all dinged up from runaway carts because ignorant people are too lazy to put them away?  I watched this woman this afternoon put her cart in front of her Toyota Sequoia (a pretty pricey SUV) rather than walking the four extra steps it would have taken her to take it to the cart return directly behind her.  It took all that was in me not to walk over and get it and  put it away while she watched.  Then I thought I’d drive around and bump the cart into her truck and see if it upset her at all.  I mean, someone elses car is bound to get hit by it, right?  Then she ends up behind me at a light, and then…the icing on the cake…









HER KID IS WITH HER!  So what have we taught this young man?  Honey, it is too much work to put the cart away.  Just leave it any old place and someone else will clean up after you.  This is why our country is becoming increasingly filled with self-centered, self-serving people.  Because we, as parents, are too lazy to teach our kids that it is important to leave things as we find them and to consider how our actions (or lack thereof) affect others. 

Here ends today’s ‘Take a Second and Make the World a Better Place’ speech…

Welcome, Jacob!

The Masone’s welcomed their newest addition, Jacob, to the family just 8 days ago.  He is sweet as pie, and big sister, Maddie, seems to be very excited about him.  Here is the man:









Maddie is just dying to get her hands on him:









Jacob & Mommy:


















And I love this one with Daddy:


















And this sweet shot of the snuggle-bug:


















Congratulations!  It was great seeing you guys again!

Meet Miss Ella

Yesterday was my first time working with the Davis family.  Miss Ella was born a month ago yesterday, and I was honored to do her first photo shoot.  She was snoozing when I arrived:









 Big brother, William, was on the fence about holding her, but I did get this great shot of him admiring her (even if momentarily):









She wasn’t sure if she wanted to stay awake or go back to sleep, but this grin seems to say she’s leaning towards a nap:









And I managed to get a couple of giggles out of William:

















Thanks so much for having me out! 

Vegas – The Final Chapter

I got an email from Jen this morning asking about photos from out last day in Vegas, and I had completely forgotten to download them from my point & shoot.  So here is the last installment of our trip. 

I’ll start with some of the photos I took during the Anti-Workshop.  These first ones were taken around downtown with a great model couple, Trish & Jared.  Turns out these two make up a fab husband & wife photogrpahy team in Vegas called Studio Alt.  That was a little intimidating, and I was trying so hard to not look like a dork, that I didn’t get as many great shots as I had hoped.  But here are a few of my faves:

This was at a barber shop called “A Cut Above the Rest” that we crahsed.  The owner and all of the guys in there were so awesome, and pretty much let us do whatever we wanted.  As you can see from the photo, it was a hopping, happening place (and I won a drink ticket for this photo):









This one was taken at a parking lot whose attendant had an uncanny resemblance to the Marlboro Man:


















And I think Trish looks amazing in this one:

















Thank you guys so much for being so much fun and so willing to do just about anything!

These next two were taken on Saturday at the Neon Boneyard.  As I mentioned before, there we almost 50 of us trying to shoot the same subjects, so I don’t have too much to show, but I do like these:


































Okay, so fast forward to Tuesday.  We have moved uptown to the Paris hotel for WPPI .  Tuesday was our last full day, so we did a little site seeing.  We cabbed up to the Venetian hotel, which was gorgeous inside and out.  We headed to Madame Taussaud’s Wax Museum from there, and got some funny pics:

Me & Professor X (Patrick Stewart):
















And Jerry Springer:
















Then we walked over to the Wynn (which is also over-the-top beautiful and posh) to pay a visit to the Ferrari dealership & store.  I mean, what kind of wife-of-a-car-freak would I be if I didn’t bring something home from here? 

















I didn’t know until I got home with a bag of goodies for my boys that this is the only Ferrari store in our country.  The only others are in Bologna, Milan, Rome & a new one in Dubai.  Go figure…

I wasn’t allowed to take pics of the cars, but I snuck this one of the shop (which is pretty much an exact replica of HR Motorcars…yeah right!).  I think you could eat off of the floor:










Later, we had dinner at Sensi at the Bellagio with Coralee and her friend Jen.  What a fabulous meal in a most beautiful resturaunt.  A very nice way to enjoy our last night in town.  Here are Jen & I with Coralee:










Then we watched the fountain show on our way home a couple times.  Our hotel is in the background of these:

















And as we were walking back to our room assessing our trip, Jen mentioned how the one person she wanted to meet was Nate, from The Image is Found.  So as we are coming up to the door at the hotel, who is walking out??  Nate! 










What a great way to end the trip!

Welcome, Jackson!

Today I had the pleasure of taking newborn photos of Jackson, the latest addition to the Halsup Family.  Jackson was born with a rare heart condition that required surgery at 6 days old, so he is a miracle baby!  His scar is healing wonderfully, and he should be perfect once his tiny body heals.  Look at this grin:









Here is the whole fam together (I love all the different looks going around this photo):









And Ethan hammed it up for me in hopes of playing with some Magic Sand when we were finished (I used to love that stuff!):









Here are the Halsup brothers together:









And one more of Jackson, grinning this time in his beautiful bassinet:









Thanks so much for having me out!  It was great seeing everyone!  Take care of that little miracle… 🙂

Sin City Part 2

First, let me say how disappointed I am that the $159 a night Paris Hotel does not have free Wi-Fi.  So we finally broke down today and paid the $15 A DAY to get our Internet fix.  So I have a ton of photos to show you, so bear with me thru this long post, as it may be my last til I get home.

So this is the last photo I took during out stay Downtown.  This is the scene on Freemont Street on our way home Friday night.  And if I say I am not a fan of crowds, you may see just how miserable I am…










Then Saturday morning, we went to the “Neon Boneyard” as our last shoot with the Anti-Workshop group.  This is a place where all the old neon signs of Vegas go to die.  It is pretty cool, and not a public place, so it was an awesome opportunity to shoot somewhere most people won’t be able to say they’ve seen.  It was hard shooting with 45 people aiming at the same subject, so I don’t have much to show of that, but I did take these letter photos, and will hang these in the boys’ rooms when I get home:





and this one:






Here I am with Toni Snell (my favorite Aussie):










And Josh Solar & Coralee Pennerdoing our Becker pose (I had to photoshop out Coralee’s version):









And it needs to be said that these three are only three of 44 very talented and kind photographers from pretty much all over the globe that we got to spend the week with.  Our classmates were super, as were our mentors, the Boutwells and the Coopers.  Being surrounded by such great people and being fed such great, applicable information made it that much easier being away from home for so long.  I honestly think we have made some life-long friends. 


After checking into the Paris Hotel, and seeing our beautiful room with a bathroom in which you can move, and a shower that has water pressure, and a bed without scratchy sheets and an icky yellow (used to be white) comforter, and where a train doesn’t run thru our room, Jen & I decided to splurge on a great steak dinner at one of the fanciest restaurants in the hotel.  It was delish, and we were happy to have bellies full of food that hadn’t been deep-fried:










Being so worn out from the Downtown experience, we stayed in the hotel from Saturday until this afternoon (Monday).  We ventured over to the Bellagio and ate lunch at a great place called Noodles.  The service was speedy (for a change) and the meal was fab.  Troy was with us, and when we left the resturant, we passed a slot machine named “Treasures of Troy” or something like that.  So to be funny, I fed it a $5 bill and I ended up winning $23.29!









 Go figure…

We wandered around some more and came across the conservatory, which was springy and absolutely beautiful.  I was amazed at what you can do with flowers…












































Then we took an eternal walk to try and find the M&M store (which was totally NOT worth it) and came across some cars for rent.  There were little scooters, a Smart Car, and then this:













Nothing like a new Maserati if you need a lift…and the black car to the right was a Ferrari.  You can’t really tell from the photo, but they are sitting in a nasty parking lot of a dirty strip shopping plaza.  The sweet irony that is Vegas…

So that is a quick catch-up of what has been going on here in Vegas.  I did listen to Mike Colon’s talk this morning, but that was all the education my mind could handle today.  Mike gets about $50K for the weddings he shoots, so I had a hard time identifying with much of what he said.  (Go figure…)  I blew off the other two sessions to stay in the room and blog and watch Dancing With the Stars.  I know, I’m a dork, but whatever.  I am on sensory overload and am trying to decompress a little.  Can’t wait to get on that jet plane Wednesday morning!


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