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Mikaela Turns ONE!

Holy crap! (That was mom’s exclamation in her email when she was setting up her appointment, and realized her baby was turning one…)

It has been a year since I saw this sweetie…she was such a peaceful baby the day we met, and now she is up and walking around, and having conversations with those around her (just not sure what language she’s speaking yet).  She is a firecracker!  Look at her in her sweet birthday dress:


















I started a little game of keep-away with her, and she thought that was really funny…










Nothing beats a little game of airplane with Daddy (do you see any resemblance here??):

















 It was warm enough to go outside for a few minutes and take a little walk:










And here is the birthday girl sandwiched between her two biggest fans:









Happy Birthday, girlfriend…  🙂 

Wyatt’s 6 Month Photos

Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting some portraits in honor of Wyatt’s 6 month milestone.  The last time I was with him, he was still cooking in Mom’s belly.  He is such a handsome, smiley guy…he made my job a breeze.  Here is how things started out on a hand-made quilt that was a gift for Wyatt (is it beautiful or what??):


















He is just so cute I could squeeze him all over…and with all those pudgy parts out for the world to see, it was tough keeping my hands to myself!


















He is cutting a bunch of teeth, so if his hands weren’t in his mouth, something else was. 

This next one pretty much sums up how he felt about me after I neglected to catch him when he fell over and did a face plant.  He needed a breather after that…


















But he bounced back like a champ, and we wrapped things up with all smiles…










 Can’t wait to see you and big brother Grayson in September for your birthday photos!

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