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Welcome Henry!

You may remember Melissa’s belly pics from a few weeks ago…well, I got to meet that newest addition today, Henry.  Big brothers Luke & Ethan were so proud and excited to show him off.  But Henry was super hungry, so while he had some lunch, Luke & Ethan put on a puppet show that I’ll call ‘Pterodactyl Soars Above D. Duck & M. Mouse’.  You can’t put a price on this kind of entertainment:


















Without further ado, here is Henry!


















Here he is with the whole family (note the great ‘Welcome Henry’ sign in the background):









And surrounded by the love of his big brothers:









And the tiny toes:

















What a beautiful family…thanks so much for having me out!


Charlie’s 6 Month Pics

This is my second time working with Charlie, and this was the second time he was asleep when I arrived.  This was also the second time he woke up smiling ready for action.  He went from this:









To this:









In 4 minutes. 

It takes me a good 20 minutes or so to shake off my sleep, so I am amazed how quickly he shakes his. 

He has just mastered this sitting up thing in the past week or so:

















Here he is with Mommy:









And a great smile with Daddy:









And on a technical note, I got my new D300 last week, and it is SO sweet!  All of these photos were taken between 800 – 1250 ISO…note the clarity and absence of grain…I love it!!  Especally this one:









Thanks so much for having me out!  It was great seeing you guys again!

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