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Downtown Vegas

We arrived in Vegas Tuesday afternoon, and I still can’t believe I’m here.  I had no idea how far west it was after looking at a map on the plane (I mean, one more hour and we would’ve been in LA), and I actually hadn’t considered the fact that I hadn’t ever been west at all.  We flew over the Grand Canyon (which I could only see out the window across the aisle) but it was still pretty amazing.  We are staying at The Main Street Station, which is actually an old train station, but the train still runs right thru the hotel (well, it sounds like it is running right through our room, but whatever…).  Here is the view from our room at 6:30am as the sun is coming up:









We met our Anti-Workshop mates Tuesday night at a speakeasy that we had a hard time finding the door for.  But we made it, and everyone is great.  This was taken on Freemont Street, aka the Freemont Experience…there is this ceiling thing that is supposed to keep you cool during the day, but it has these movie shows at night that are kinda cool:
















Yesterday, the workshop ran from 9am – 6pm, and we were pretty beat at the end.  We had a shooting assignment where each team was given a Polaroid and a cardboard Elvis and roam around town and try to take good photos.  (The theory was to even the playing field for everyone as far as equipment went, and then up the difficulty with the awkward Elvis.)  It was a ton of fun, and I was put on a super team.  Here I am with Leon, Toni & Jay (whose blogs I will link later because I’m sure you’ll want to check them out) and our gold lame (not lame, but lamay cuz I don’t know how to spell that):
















So far, we’re having a great time.  It is really dry…I’ve actually used eyedrops!  But the weather is warm, and the people are great.  And I’ve put $6 into slots, and came away with $8.10…so not too bad!  🙂 




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