Sin City Part 2

First, let me say how disappointed I am that the $159 a night Paris Hotel does not have free Wi-Fi.  So we finally broke down today and paid the $15 A DAY to get our Internet fix.  So I have a ton of photos to show you, so bear with me thru this long post, as it may be my last til I get home.

So this is the last photo I took during out stay Downtown.  This is the scene on Freemont Street on our way home Friday night.  And if I say I am not a fan of crowds, you may see just how miserable I am…










Then Saturday morning, we went to the “Neon Boneyard” as our last shoot with the Anti-Workshop group.  This is a place where all the old neon signs of Vegas go to die.  It is pretty cool, and not a public place, so it was an awesome opportunity to shoot somewhere most people won’t be able to say they’ve seen.  It was hard shooting with 45 people aiming at the same subject, so I don’t have much to show of that, but I did take these letter photos, and will hang these in the boys’ rooms when I get home:





and this one:






Here I am with Toni Snell (my favorite Aussie):










And Josh Solar & Coralee Pennerdoing our Becker pose (I had to photoshop out Coralee’s version):









And it needs to be said that these three are only three of 44 very talented and kind photographers from pretty much all over the globe that we got to spend the week with.  Our classmates were super, as were our mentors, the Boutwells and the Coopers.  Being surrounded by such great people and being fed such great, applicable information made it that much easier being away from home for so long.  I honestly think we have made some life-long friends. 


After checking into the Paris Hotel, and seeing our beautiful room with a bathroom in which you can move, and a shower that has water pressure, and a bed without scratchy sheets and an icky yellow (used to be white) comforter, and where a train doesn’t run thru our room, Jen & I decided to splurge on a great steak dinner at one of the fanciest restaurants in the hotel.  It was delish, and we were happy to have bellies full of food that hadn’t been deep-fried:










Being so worn out from the Downtown experience, we stayed in the hotel from Saturday until this afternoon (Monday).  We ventured over to the Bellagio and ate lunch at a great place called Noodles.  The service was speedy (for a change) and the meal was fab.  Troy was with us, and when we left the resturant, we passed a slot machine named “Treasures of Troy” or something like that.  So to be funny, I fed it a $5 bill and I ended up winning $23.29!









 Go figure…

We wandered around some more and came across the conservatory, which was springy and absolutely beautiful.  I was amazed at what you can do with flowers…












































Then we took an eternal walk to try and find the M&M store (which was totally NOT worth it) and came across some cars for rent.  There were little scooters, a Smart Car, and then this:













Nothing like a new Maserati if you need a lift…and the black car to the right was a Ferrari.  You can’t really tell from the photo, but they are sitting in a nasty parking lot of a dirty strip shopping plaza.  The sweet irony that is Vegas…

So that is a quick catch-up of what has been going on here in Vegas.  I did listen to Mike Colon’s talk this morning, but that was all the education my mind could handle today.  Mike gets about $50K for the weddings he shoots, so I had a hard time identifying with much of what he said.  (Go figure…)  I blew off the other two sessions to stay in the room and blog and watch Dancing With the Stars.  I know, I’m a dork, but whatever.  I am on sensory overload and am trying to decompress a little.  Can’t wait to get on that jet plane Wednesday morning!


1 Response to “Sin City Part 2”

  1. 1 Josh Solar March 18, 2008 at 8:53 am

    How awesome are those names going to look printed out? Nice job:)

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