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Waiting Patiently

The Meagher family is patiently waiting for the arrival of baby #4.  It is unknown if it is a boy or a girl, and the anticipation is high.  Grandma was flying in yesterday afternoon to be here for the birth and transition to a family of six (wow, thats a lot of people!), so hopefully the baby will come soon.

Here are the original three, Payton, Mason & Camryn:









Love the peek shot:










And look at that belly…is that all baby or what?!










Thanks for having me out!  Hopefully I’ll see you again in the next week or two to meet #4!  🙂


Soapbox warning!  I have pulled out the soapbox and I am screaming from it’s heights! 

When you are at the grocery store or Costco or Target or any other store that provides carts to make your shopping experience easier, put your cart away when you are finished.  I mean seriously…we all pay good money for our vehicles, and wouldn’t it be nice if they weren’t all dinged up from runaway carts because ignorant people are too lazy to put them away?  I watched this woman this afternoon put her cart in front of her Toyota Sequoia (a pretty pricey SUV) rather than walking the four extra steps it would have taken her to take it to the cart return directly behind her.  It took all that was in me not to walk over and get it and  put it away while she watched.  Then I thought I’d drive around and bump the cart into her truck and see if it upset her at all.  I mean, someone elses car is bound to get hit by it, right?  Then she ends up behind me at a light, and then…the icing on the cake…









HER KID IS WITH HER!  So what have we taught this young man?  Honey, it is too much work to put the cart away.  Just leave it any old place and someone else will clean up after you.  This is why our country is becoming increasingly filled with self-centered, self-serving people.  Because we, as parents, are too lazy to teach our kids that it is important to leave things as we find them and to consider how our actions (or lack thereof) affect others. 

Here ends today’s ‘Take a Second and Make the World a Better Place’ speech…

Welcome, Jacob!

The Masone’s welcomed their newest addition, Jacob, to the family just 8 days ago.  He is sweet as pie, and big sister, Maddie, seems to be very excited about him.  Here is the man:









Maddie is just dying to get her hands on him:









Jacob & Mommy:


















And I love this one with Daddy:


















And this sweet shot of the snuggle-bug:


















Congratulations!  It was great seeing you guys again!

Meet Miss Ella

Yesterday was my first time working with the Davis family.  Miss Ella was born a month ago yesterday, and I was honored to do her first photo shoot.  She was snoozing when I arrived:









 Big brother, William, was on the fence about holding her, but I did get this great shot of him admiring her (even if momentarily):









She wasn’t sure if she wanted to stay awake or go back to sleep, but this grin seems to say she’s leaning towards a nap:









And I managed to get a couple of giggles out of William:

















Thanks so much for having me out! 

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